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Posting some from the previous spring when it was still cold and wet. Masha is wearing nice bright thick red pantyhose from Lindex, I believe they are 100den. We have found out that usually the thick pantyhose from Lindex are quite nice for tall people. Also some from H&M and Falke are made for longer legged. Do you know any other brands which are good for tall people?
Well, all snow is gone now and days are getting warmer. We still have a few more sets from the previous year and I think we will post them first and then continue with the new ones or do new and old at the same time.







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  1. nicolasph@yahoo.fr | 27th Apr 14

    Beautiful, lovely, gorgeous !!! We want more :o)

  2. Ribbed Tights | 28th Apr 14

    I love winter … opaque tights in nice colours!

    I have found that Trasparenze tights are quite long … perfect for Masha's beautiful long legs!

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