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New post. Masha has been really busy in instagram and I have edited couple of our sets ready. There will be sets in white, red, different shades of tan, etc, lots of really great sexy photos!
These were taken this spring, I think the first time we had a nice weather to go out and grill and have dinner out. She wore her beautiful dress with shiny Wolfords.
A question for our followers. Are there any photographers who shoot with m4/3. We are looking for a lens with fast aperture to shoot inside the house. We have the lovely Olympus 45mm f1.8 to take photos outside but in most cases it too narrow for inside photography.










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  1. Anonymous | 6th Aug 14

    That is my fav style of dress with nude pantyhose. Gathered where its gathered, then flows down to mid thigh. Nice.

  2. Ert Mert | 6th Aug 14

    My love ������

  3. Anonymous | 6th Aug 14

    you are so pretty & sexy. i love the short video on instagram, hope you do more

  4. Ribbed Tights | 7th Aug 14

    Very pretty and beautiful set! Not complicated … simple pretty pantyhose, cute little dress … oh, and of course the GORGEOUS Masha!

  5. Anonymous | 7th Aug 14

    oh my god… plz upload short videos…. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Anonymous | 7th Aug 14

    wonderful shiny tan legs…. and wonderful girl… love u…. i can die for u

  7. rclosure | 9th Aug 14

    Very lovely.

  8. Anonymous | 13th Aug 14

    Agreed very lovely pics. Wish you would make pics wearing these shiny tan hose and shorts. Keep up the good work

  9. anyl | 22nd Aug 14

    Such great pictures and relaxing to my eyes. Once again, great choice of pantyhose and dress. You two are amazing.

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