Heading to a birthday party

Most of the time we when we post photos in sheer pantyhose they are shiny. I guess it’s because we both really like the shine and what kind of appearance it gives to legs. We also have some matte pantyhose and it’s fun to try those too once in a while. This time Masha had on one of the best, Wolford Fatal 15s. We were going to my brothers daughters birthday party and stopped on our way on a empty parking lot to take a few photos.









After the party when we drove to lake near by and went out for a walk 🙂 It was a beautiful day and like always Masha was gorgeous!









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  1. Maximus Ridiculous | 16th Aug 14

    Looking particularly beautiful Masha.X Some shoe off shots and nylon soles would be nice too 🙂 x

  2. Anonymous | 17th Aug 14

    A little more thigh please..!! : )

  3. 69tazzy69 | 18th Aug 14

    Special birthday and Masha looking sooo fine, Misha in casuals, typical lol Hug that young lady REAL close as she has a very long queue of admirers 😀

  4. rclosure | 20th Aug 14

    Exellent as always

  5. Anonymous | 21st Aug 14

    you look gorgeous as always! wonderful blog and awesome pics. nice homepage btw, was it made by one of you?
    im looking forward to a good time.
    i would really like to ask you for more pics with pantyhose under jeans/leggins.
    you would do me a huge favor.
    lots of love and best wishes

  6. anyl | 22nd Aug 14

    Beautiful pictures. Nice dress and especially great when combined with pantyhose. And of course, model is beautiful as always.

    Thanks and in anticipation of next posts and pictures.
    Regards, anyl

  7. Dan H | 1st Sep 14

    lovely as always Ty for posting

  8. Anonymous | 27th Oct 14

    You should be being paid a lot of money,you look better than most models,seriously!You are Elegant,Stunning,Beautiful,Captivating,you look like an Angel from Heaven!

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