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Here is something we did when the summer was still on. We had so much fun doing this set, walking along a small pier in Helsinki – eating ice cream and just enjoying each others company.
As for pantyhose, we have mentioned before not many women use white pantyhose. They are thought to be used only on weddings even tho they are very sexy. We think white is absolutely one of the best colors and should be used much more than it is. What do you think, hot?

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  1. Pasc Mann | 14th Sep 14

    After the skin coloured pantyhose, white is my second favorite. Most women always wear black or nearly black. I'm asking myself..Why? I love these pic's and I would ask you the name of the brand of this pantyhose. I'd like to ad them to my collection.

    You are the best XXX!

    • | 15th Sep 14

      Sorry, we forgot to write that those are Wolford Satin Touch 20's in white 🙂

    • Pasc Mann | 5th Oct 14

      🙂 I was right then..You are a topmodel!….this is super sexy.

  2. Ribbed Tights | 15th Sep 14

    Misha & Masha, I completely agree with you! White pantyhose are great! Personally (and this is my personal preference), I like the cooler months and winter when, if I'm lucky, women will wear white opaque wool tights!! There is something so … perfect about white pantyhose.

    I really love the 3 pictures where Masha has removed her shoes. White pantyhose with no shoes is brilliant!

  3. Maximus Ridiculous | 15th Sep 14

    WOW not normally a fan of white but on Masha, with that shine i've changed my mind 🙂 Nice to see Masha's hosed feet aswell. Bravo to both of you.x

  4. rclosure | 16th Sep 14


  5. nottelling | 18th Sep 14

    Oh my so SEXY

  6. Anonymous | 19th Sep 14

    sexiest legs, sexiest girl….

  7. atmi | 19th Oct 14

    Nice Set!!!!

  8. Amir hi | 23rd Nov 14

    Dearest Maria,
    I had not seen this webpage because unfortunately here in my country we cannot open the pages related to fashion because the stupid government bans and censors everything. They say it is not islamic, have you heard any thing sillier than this? Yes they islamize everything.
    Anyway i am happy that i could open your webpage using an anti filtering program, the freegate. Thank you very much for this beautiful webpage. You have much more very beautiful pictures here. I just want to say you are the most beautiful, your beauty and natural sexiness excels fashion. Reza

    • | 23rd Nov 14

      Thank you for your lovely words! Let's hope that you can keep following us in the future and that the censorship will go away.

  9. | 2nd Dec 14

    I think white is super hot for tights and pantyhose, especially for opaque tights. I wish that more women would wear white tights.

  10. Bryan Mears | 9th Dec 14

    I love tights

  11. Ben E | 24th Jan 15

    Gorgeous pantyhose pics. Classy and sexy. Do you sell used pantyhose?

  12. Goodie | 20th Jan 16

    What a stunning blog hosted by a beautiful lady and one lucky husband. I absolutely love these white tights/pantyhose but struggle to find these in white 🙁 if you know of somewhere or someone who sells them can you please let me know. Thank you and keep up the good work with your blog 😀

  13. randall pierce | 9th Jun 16

    Those white tights are hot looking love them. I just love glossy tights one of my favs to wear no matter the color.

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