Lahti, Chicago of Finland

Long time from last post. We were on a vacation in Portugal for a week which made the week before and after quite busy at work. We had a wonderful week going around Portugal and made some exquisite pantyhose sets there. Masha has posted some teasers of those in instagram.
These are from a month ago. One nice Sunday we went to Lahti, a city about 100km from us to check out one old Saab but it proved to be a complete piece of trash… As it was good weather we also went to see what kind of city this Chicago of Finland is and to snap some photos. Why is it called the Chicago of Finland. I don’t know, maybe because it’s next to a lake? (they have absolutely nothing else in common)
Anyway, Masha was wearing her short dress with some Wolford logic 15den black pantyhose.













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  1. Maximus Ridiculous | 6th Sep 14

    WOW perfect outfit, hope Masha had a nice foot massage after such a long journey 😉

  2. Steve | 6th Sep 14

    Stunning..!! You've been missed. It's been almost 3 weeks since your last post 🙁

  3. Anonymous | 6th Sep 14

    She is really so good at posing and very sexy .I d love my gf to to the same. Does she feel comfortable in public giving these pictures?

  4. Anonymous | 6th Sep 14

    Love the dress. Its perhaps my fav. You look wonderful!!

  5. Georg | 9th Sep 14

    Wonderful Pictures!!! Hope to see more soon!

  6. x_skurvy_x | 10th Sep 14

    Love your blog ❤

    Blog | Tights and Ladders

  7. Dean LovesControlTopHose | 7th Oct 14

    Very pretty lady in hose and dress !

  8. Asesorias en Aeronautica | 19th Apr 15

    beautiful legs

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