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Cold days are already in Scandinavia and it’s time to put some warmer coats to keep yourself warm. I love autumn. It is very romantic time for me. You may burn candles, read favorite books, drink black tea with honey and lemon and enjoy home-made cakes. However, the bad side of Scandinavian autumn that it’s very dark: you go to work – it is dark, you go from work – it is dark. At this time most people wear black coats (I also have one, that I love so much) and are required to put reflectors on their clothes for their safety. It is discussed so much that people tend to put more black outfits in the streets because black goes well with other colors. White is not exception either and gives always chic and beautiful look especially with the fur collar. Not to get cold in the evening I also chose Wolford Merino tights  in ecrue color which are made of virgin wool and Wolford Barcelona dress. Elegant look is added with the thin belt. I was often asked about warm tights. It is true that when outside is  -20 C it is difficult to stay in one pair of wool tights. I suggest putting on double layers. You may use 20-40 den and then wool or cotton tights on top.

COAT: Lea Vinci
BAG: Chanel
GLOVES: El Corte Ingles
HAIRSTYLE: Donut bun


 Barcelona dress
Barcelona dress
 Merino tights
Merino tights


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  1. Anonymous | 10th Nov 14

    You're getting prettier by the week.

  2. Anonymous | 10th Nov 14

    It's getting better and better! A breath-taking outfit and pictures like out of a fashion magazine. Love it! -S

  3. Ribbed Tights | 10th Nov 14

    Like you, I love the autumn / winter time because I get to see more opaque tights. I love how colourful opaque tights completely transform a look.

    Your picture are fantastic and shows perfectly why opaque white tights are sexy. I especially love the pictures showing a little wrinkling at the ankle or knee.

    The black dress – opaque white tights – white coat combination is very attractive (I bet you have turned some heads in your home town dressed like that). The bright red lipstick is a beautiful explosion of colour and makes you look like a "classic" 1950's beauty.

    Brilliant again!

    PS I like the new website design which gives details (and pictures) of your outfit at the bottom on the pictures! Nice idea!

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 11th Nov 14

      Ribbed Tights, thank you for your beautiful words! We do our best and it is fun and great to develop for us in photography and modeling! We are happy that you like what we do <3
      P.S. I like autumn also because of my birthday))

  4. Twilight | 11th Nov 14

    I have to note some things on double layered tights from personal and my wife's experience. In the meantime I think that's the best thing to do while wearing tights in general.

    1) Coverage and opacity:
    Imagine if you wanted to paint something, lets say… a wall. Two thinner layers are much better than one thick. It holds better, its smoother and gets covered better. Same applies to tights as well.

    2) Insulation:
    Imagine the above mentioned wall again. A wall is comprised by bricks and insulating layers. These layers trap air inside them to prevent heat transfer and escape. Same thing applies to tights. So my suggestion is that thicker tights should be warn underneath to trap the air and give the feeling of warmth and then some lighter ones to prevent the heat from escaping. Thin layer above being smoother has less surface for heat exchange to occur between the skin and the cold air.

    3) Appearance:
    If the above mentioned reasons are not enough, then try it yourself and see which method look better in the eye. Try various colours as well.

  5. Anonymous | 20th Nov 14


  6. rclosure | 22nd Nov 14

    Beautiful as always

  7. Alan Jones | 21st Dec 14

    These tights look beautiful on you.

  8. rclosure | 21st Dec 14

    She does make white look real good.

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