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Happy New Year, our dear readers! 2015 has become and we are all anticipating what kind of year it will be for us. I believe that all dreams which go from the heart come true earlier or later. You just need to work hard on it and make it closer to come true.








I suggest zipping yourself in some comfortable sphere and start dreaming and working!
I love metaphors and I especially like how they go with clothes and abstractions. Our clothes play an enormous role in our life: the choice of particular piece of clothes may even change our day in a good way. That is why so many people tend to put some “covered” clothes. Black would be perfect color for that. Black is elegant, classy, with-all-colors-going and perfect. When you choose black you are more confident. On the other hand I try not to be in black color that often. When the spring comes I open to lighter colors: lime, turquoise, pink, yellow, pale rose. Although, at the moment is good to zip yourself and start dreaming and making your dreams come true. My choice of Wolford Zip tights is an interpretation of my stream of thoughts. Hope you will like it and share your thoughts, plans or maybe dreams with me here<3



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Zip tights






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  1. rclosure | 4th Jan 15

    Oh My God! You are So Wrong, at the same time, So Right! I absolutely love it!!!!! Thank you!

  2. Mirt Klaar | 4th Jan 15

    Thank you!!! That's a very good new year begining!!!! 🙂 <3

  3. Ribbed Tights | 5th Jan 15

    Happy New Year! I hope you and your husband had a nice holiday.

    I have just returned from visiting family and friends, but it's great to get back and see a new posting from you! I love your positive comments and your happy outlook on life … something we should all try to do more often. Let's all be more happy and enjoy life more!

    Now to your pictures! Beautiful – as ever! I love these Wolford Zipper tights … very nice! From the front, they look like 'normal' black opaque tights, but when you turn, we get that WOW! Beautiful!!

    The 4th picture from the top is one of my favourites from this set! I love that you have pulled your tights up high over the top of your very-short shorts. I think seeing the waistband of tights over the top of skirts, trousers, jeans and shorts is a very sexy sight. I also love the 8th picture from the top. It is a well known FACT that your have the most gorgeous bottom ever, but this picture shows your bottom perfectly. I love how the opaque tights defines and outlines your pefect bottom – absolutely amazing!

    I do love this time of year beacuse more women are wearing opaque tights. I love opaque tights because they (almost) cover everything, but where the tights are more stretched (hips, thighs, bottom, heels, toes) the tights are more sheer and we get to see the beauty beneath.

    Great set. And once again, Happy New Year and good luck for 2015!

    • | 6th Jan 15

      Ribbed tights, I am flattered by your words. It is so nice to read warm-heart wishes! We have a lot of surprices this year for you, more videos and more new fashion styles in tights! Thank you for staying with us<3

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