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Last Friday we headed to Helsinki city center for dinner. The heart of Helsinki is the Senate square, gorgeous and beautiful cobble stoned square. It is really not perfect for high heels but absolutely suitable for high heels photo shoots. The amazing thing about this square is that in the evenings it is absolutely empty, especially on working days. You can enjoy beautiful architecture created by Prussian and Russian architects and feel yourself a noble person of the 19th century. If you are ever in Helsinki, pay a visit to this square in the evening, you will feel some magic in there.
Climb up the stairs to the cathedral and have a breathtaking view to the city. Go to local coffee-shop and have a cup of Finnish coffee. Did you know, that Finns take the first place in the world by consuming coffee? 9 cups of coffee a day make 9 kg of coffee per person annually!
If you really like my outfit you may finish your day by shopping in Wolford store located in Alexander street, just a minute from the Senate square and get this perfect small black dress which I personally love most of all my Wolford dresses. Small black dress… what can be better…
….to be continued in my next post <3 Maria

SHOES: Bianca by Christian Louboutin
Sunglasses: Chanel




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  1. Kay Campbell | 21st Jul 15

    This dress is perfect on you Maria ❤

    It fits you perfectly…although due to me only being 5ft 4, it would look silly on me :']

    And yes cobbles are a nightmare for heels (Rome!) haha

    Hope you have a lovely week beautiful ❤

    Kay ❤ xx Tights and Ladders

    • | 22nd Jul 15

      Hello Kay!
      So glad to see you here:)
      Ha-ha, that's right about cobbled stones streets! You were so brave that night)))

      Have an amazing weekend too! Let me know whenever you are in Finland<3

      xo M.

  2. Nazrine La Tendre | 21st Jul 15

    Wonderful look!

  3. PH Bound | 21st Jul 15

    Such a sexy outfit on a smoking hot lady! I love how you can just barely make out the front seam of your pantyhose, such a teasing thing! Mind-numbing photos to say the least.

  4. Fernando Luis Toncich | 21st Jul 15

    Your text Beautiful Maria , makes you want to be in the Senate Square and see all the things that we contas . Your experiences interesting , a pleasure to share with you and more from such a distance. I would also like coffee , a lot. I send you a big kiss. Cute clothing, socks, shoes. You are very elegant! Love you!

  5. rclosure | 22nd Jul 15

    You look great!!!

  6. Kessel Marc | 26th Jul 15

    Hi Maria !
    My favourite pantyhose with a fantastic dress, it looks like a magic moment 🙂 !
    Combination with louboutin, the look is simply perfect 🙂 !
    Greetings 🙂

  7. Larry Michael Bleckler II | 13th Sep 15

    I love your great legs and sexy shiny suntan pantyhose and the dress and heels.

  8. G | 19th Nov 15

    Very nice pictures. I've been to senate square, Helsinki is a beautiful city.

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