Little black dress in the city

I continue my story about our beautiful evening in Helsinki. Sorry, guys, I didn’t post that much lately in the blog. I had a good reason, I got a new job recently and had a to study a lot. Although you can always follow me in instagram to check on daily updates. I want to thank you each and everyone who follows us. You are an incredible support! 
Coming back to the post… We were at the market square from which boats leave to the islands and different towns of Finland and Mikko took some shots of me on the Gulf of Finland just from this place. I really don’t know how he does it but in the pictures the water looks magnificent and gives a perfect background for the black dress. I love water so much and it doesn’t matter, if it is lake, river, sea or the ocean. Even when we travel and I always try to pick up accommodation close to the water. I just can’t live without water, it’s like second breath. Who knows maybe I was a mermaid in my past life… ha-ha..
After walking on these cobble stones with which most of city center is covered I got so tired and Mikko took a picture of me when I had a small rest on the bench. Then we turned to the small yard next to the Senate square and found a perfect place with light colors and made some warm summer pictures. Hope you all enjoy this summer! have a great August <3 M.

SHOES: Bianca by Christian Louboutin
Sunglasses: Chanel

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  1. rclosure | 9th Aug 15

    Love that shine!! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Fernando Luis Toncich | 9th Aug 15

    Your photos beautiful as always, I loved that black dress. The place is beautiful . I regret not seeing more often your posts but I'm glad for your new job , you go you well . I have to get Instagram account to see your daily publications, I do not want perdermelas ! Here in Argentina 's winter yet. Love you !

    • | 2nd Oct 15

      Thank you Fernando! We start to have winter here in couple months… I believe winter in Argentina is much more cozier ?

  3. Kessel Marc | 10th Aug 15

    Great photos Maria ! 🙂
    Love the dress, black dresses are my favorites :), the dress looks like the fatal dress, beautiful.
    Neon from Wolford is the best and most beautiful pantyhose in my eyes, the shiny effect is so great.
    Glad for your new job, hope you like it.
    Have a nice day!

  4. Frankie Amoroso | 10th Sep 15

    Wolford is the best and most durable fashion tights and stockings brand available today. Thanks for the input

    Wolford Tights are Hot and Sexy

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