Winter soft logic

When it is getting cold, we all start to dress up in more durable and comfy clothing. In winter I love specially wool, cotton and silk materials. The last one is the perfect for summer and winter, as silk can warm you up in winter and cool down in summer. As for cotton it gives opportunity to warm your skin up and at the same time for your skin to breath. Winter soft logic tights by Wolford are made of fine cotton which is perfect for winter days. You can see that they are pretty thick and durable that you will love them from the first touch. For our evening walk I chose hand made socks nicely made by hubby’s mom with the pair of winter boots.
Happy Saturday and stay warm this winter!

BOOTS: Global accessorize
HAT: Global accessorize
WOOL SOCKS: Hand made
Wolford soft winter logic

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  1. La lechuza | 31st Jan 16

    Very confortable! Nice pics. I love you!

  2. rclosure | 31st Jan 16

    Winter soft logic? That's quite a name. Lovely as always. Thank you.

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