WOW….. or Welcome to the World Of Wolford

Trip to the heart of Wolford

Hello! Some of you might have already noticed from my Instagram that we visited Wolford HQ in Bregenz, Austria. Today I would like to tell you about our visit and share with you our experience in the World of Wolford. We were kindly invited with Mikko by Wolford to get acquainted with their collection and have a tour around the factory. At the reception we got this Visitor pass.

Golden Wolford logo was greeting us at the reception….

When you enter Wolford HQ you feel like you are in a huge gallery with
beautiful pictures of Wolford models and sculptures of mannequins and
legs dressed in Spring-Summer 2016 Wolford collection.

Matteo, Head of Online greeted us at Wolford very kindly and showed us around.

At the entrance you can find a long staircase of fine light wood leading straight to the departments of the Wolford company.

What to see in the factory.

Our private Guide Kerstin. She was absolutely fantastic!
Unfortunately, I can’t show you the factory due to the property reasons. However, there is also a possibility to visit Wolford factory and see everything with your own eyes. Therefore, I could tell you the main stages of how the tights are made. So, there are several departments responsible for the important work of making tights and body wear. The Cutting&Sewing department, where the socks are made then cut for tights; then there is Dyeing department, where the tights are colored; Steaming department is responsible for the shapes of tights and body wear; Finishing department and Control department – you can be sure your tights went quality control and now are ready to wear. To sum it up, this is short but very hard-working process of.

So, Wolford factory is full of secrets. It is amazing place to see how the magical tights and bodywear are made. In the picture you can see the bodysuit before being cut.

1,5 hours with amazing Kerstin, she told us we walked kms around the factory from department to department!

With hubby!

After the tour we had a delicious lunch with Wolford Online team.

Wolford boutique – heaven on Earth!

Wolford People: Melissa, Sandra and Matteo

To sum it up, it was unforgettable trip! Hope you like the pictures and my story. Big thanks to Wolford team for having us!
See you in the World of Wolford <3

SCARF: Pavloposadskiye platki
BOOTS: Vagabond
Molly dress by Wolford
Satin De luxe by Wolford

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  1. La lechuza | 4th Feb 16

    Congratulations Maria!!!

  2. Janine | 4th Feb 16

    How lucky you are, that looks so interesting!

  3. Ribbed Tights | 5th Feb 16

    Wow!! What an amazing posting! The Wolford Factory!! How lucky are you? You must have been in hosiery heaven! I sometimes think that other hosiery manufacturers are catching up with Wolford, but then your posting shows that they are still the best (and probably always will be!!).

    If I had been invited, I would have been like a kid in the sweet shop … too much all at once! What did Mikka think of the place (to get a guy's perspective)?

    Thank you for sharing this amazing time with your blog followers!

    • | 8th Feb 16

      Thank you so much! Wolford is an amazing place! Everyone was so nice and kind. Mikko just didn't have chance than taking pictures of me…))) He really liked Wolford HQ, atmosphere is very friendly!

  4. rclosure | 25th Feb 16

    Place look enormous! And do they still use that machine to make the hosiery?

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