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I love spring because the sun is shinning more, nature is wakening up and it means that summer will be here soon! I know if you read it and you are from Scandinavia you might think, yes but we have winter for 6 months and spring is a part of winter. Although, we still have a lot of snow and snow storms even in the beginning of May but every year we are hoping of more sun this spring. Still we have warmer days and different mood for spring. In addition, we dress up brighter and lighter, put sun screen and sun glasses on!
For my first spring outfit I chose tights and skirt from Merino line by Wolford. It is the softest sensation on your skin! Tights and skirt are made from the finest merino wool. Unforgettably comfortable! Skirt is much thicker though than the tights, it is perfect for winter and spring days. I love the seamless knit technology Wolford used ti make this skirt. The high knee boots I am wearing in this set are from Nr Rapisardi. I was looking for high knee boots for quite a long time on many web sites and finally them found these dream boots from Zalando. They are pretty long – 59,5 cm and extremely comfortable for long day walks. I would be glad to know your opinions on some other high knee boots. I am looking for beige and grey high knee boots.
You might have notice that gown-coats are on the peak of fashion right now. This Zara coat is the perfect example. Unfortunately, it was sold without any belt and didn’t have buttons. So, I ordered Tibetian silver toggle clasps from ebay to complete my coat.
Hopefully, you liked these outfit and share your opinion in the comments below.
Enjoy this beautiful spring
xo Maria

SWEATER: Seppälä
Merino skirt


Merino tights


Zara coat


Nr Rapisardi via Zalando



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  1. Ribbed Tights | 7th Mar 16

    Hello Maria, what a great set of pictures! I love the bright fresh look of the sun on the snow. Beautiful. Also, I love the white tights … not enough white tights are being worn, so thank you for showing how fantastic they can look. And come on ladies, wear more white tights!!!

    The addtion of your very sexy knee boots is pretty amazing! Did you wear socks as well as tights? Often (or as recent fashions have shown), women are wearing knee boots with thick socks that show over the top of the boots. I can see your boots are very long, so that's maybe not so practical, but I was just wondering??

    As I said, great pictures, and for my sake, I hope the fresh white snow last a bit longer, because you look amazing in the snow! But, I understand that Mother-Nature will bring the spring eventually and with that (hopefully) new outfits and new tights from you!!??

    Looking forward to the next snowy pictures!!

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 12th Mar 16

      Ribbed tights, thank you so much for the comment! White tights are hard to find also, they are quire rare product on the shelves.High knee boots are great with many outfits, when they are black, I believe they go with white clothing perfectly!

  2. La lechuza | 9th Mar 16

    Love it! Wonderful!

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