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Hello Sunday! I love Sundays because it is good time to sum everything up from the past week and make plans for the next and for sure I love Sundays because I have time to write my next post.
I really love how this post turned out – casual outfit of white and black with some elegance. I have these Wolford merino tights for 3 years and they are stll in very good condition. They are one of my favourites for autumn and winter days because super cozy and warm. The white merino tights by Wolford give great contrast with new ankle boots on small platform. Parka I ordered from Ellos is typical Scandinavian winter coat, nothing special but extremely cozy. I like this contrast of simple and elegant. What do you think?



PURSE: Arletis by Coccinnelle
TIGHTS: Merino by Wolford
PARKA: Ellos
BOOTS: Vagabond


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  1. Ribbed Tights | 9th Jan 17

    Hi Maria, great to see you posting again. I loved the New Year set … but WOW!!! This set of pictures is amazing! As you said, the contrast of the opaque white tights with the black outfit is very striking (I’m sure you turned a few head as you walked in the streets!!).

    The close up pictures of the tights also show how cosy warm they are – I can’t believe you have had them for so long and they still look so good. You obviously look after them very well. But also Wolford – if cared for properly – will last for ever!

    Great pictures – you really get a feeling for how cold it is – and great to see you back!

    • | 9th Jan 17

      Hello Ribbed tights, thank you so much<3
      Love reading your comments!

  2. glossy and smooth | 18th Jan 17

    Hello Maria,thank you for your beautiful pictures.I am a college student from China(so forgive my poor English) who loves tights/pantyhose.I found your web last year’s summer and I can see your love for tights.My major is not about knitting but I read something about producing tights for fun.I have bought some tights such as cdr vidrio from other countries.Glossy or smooth tights are my favourite.In 2016,I bought a pair of special tights made in China which is extreme dense and consequently very smooth.The seller said that the tights are made of 912 needles which induce my curiosity.Then I searched on webs for imformation about the machine and I found data from the web of santoni (company in italy).Data from santoni showed the highest needle gauge so far is 90(needle count in one inch) .As all known that Italian kint machines are the most advanced but I heard about that European don’t produce dense tights and maybe the machine is just for underwear.However,image high-gauge cdr sevilla or eterno.What a pity in my opinion.You must have tried many European tights and could you tell me whether there are extreme dense tights from European brands.It is better If those dense tights are shiny.Thank you for finishing reading my nonsense 🙂

  3. Richard C. | 2nd May 17


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