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Hello! We have great news to share. We are expecting our first baby in November<3<3<3 You might have seen this news already in my instagram account.
However, belly started growing slowly and I became so obsessed that I asked Mikko to take a bunch of pictures of me and my belly<3<3<3 I find it super cute and wanted every week of this journey to be remembered.
Frankly speaking, we don’t know yet who will be: a boy or a girl but are super excited and happy for this great change in our lives.

Above all, changes are already happening with my body too. To tell the truth, most jeans shorts and pants are too tight to wear and Wolford clothing is my a great salvation right now. Most of Wolford clothing stretch perfectly and suitable as for pregnant as for all other girls. I absolutely love it! In this set I am wearing Barcelona dress which you have seen several times in my previous sets. To perfect my look I chose Wolford neon 40 in gobi color, classical tights for all times. We were having a nice Saturday in the very center in Helsinki and wanted to check new place Allas Sea poll which was opened recently. It has swimming pool with the water temperature of 28 Celcius and it gives you an opportunity to swim even in cold weather. It is really special for cold Finland! If you ever visit Helsinki you can’t miss this place. In addition, admission is free but if you want to go swimming it costs now 12 euros which is a great deal! We decided to go there swimming with my girls for another sunny day this summer<3

xoxo Maria


DRESS: Wolford Barcelona dress
SHOES: Valentino
BAG: Coccinelle
TIGHTS: Wolford Neon in gobi color

Wolford Barcelona dress
Wolford neon tights
Valentino Rockstud shoes

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  1. Fernando Luis Toncich | 18th Jun 17

    Thank you Maria for sharing with all your travels, those beautiful scenery, the best and the latest news of fashion. And now, the power to see day by day the best moment of your life that is your pregnancy. Congratulations and have a nice weekend. I love you.

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 23rd Jun 17

      Thank you 🙂

  2. ribbedtights | 19th Jun 17

    Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you both and wish you the best of luck.

    These picture you have shared with are extra special. You look amazing in these tights and the Wolford dress and with your pregnancy, you are glowing with motherhood.

    Good luck!!

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 23rd Jun 17

      Thank you 🙂

  3. Pan Wei | 23rd Jun 17

    Wow, big congratulations!

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 29th Jun 17

      Thank you so much<3

  4. Art Aultman | 25th Jun 17

    Congrats on the next step in your lives. Don’t forget to enjoy those things that make you happy.

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 29th Jun 17

      Thank you so much! We’ll do our best!

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