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I have so many older posts for you, so I have to post them quickly before I start getting bigger 🙂 This set of pictures is when I was on my 19th week of pregnancy. Luckily normal tights still fit, though I have mentioned before that my body is growing especially in the belly and hips. I am happy I can still wear Eterno tights from Cecilia de Rafael.  Eterno 15 tights are my favorites among all the transparent shiny tights because even if you break them, they won’t make run like normal, there will be just a hole which won’t move anywhere until you want to.  Eterno are very simialr to Platino CleanCut which are not available for sale anymore. I think Eterno 15 are somehow more durable, they don’t wear off so quickly from my experience. In this set I have them in natural color and I love how they go with this dress from Bik Bok. I was hoping I still could put on this beige dress this summer 🙂 Yes I did! I love so much how my belly is growing and looks so sweet here. I can tell the truth, I started to be obsessed with all these pregnancy styles and maternity outfits. Although I try hard not to buy or wear any maternity clothing except underwear and tights. I believe you can go with normal clothing as well. Let’s see what will be in next 10 weeks or later.

Have a great coming weekend!

xo xo Maria




Eterno 15 by Cecilia de Rafael


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  1. ribbedtights | 7th Jul 17

    You’re absolutely radiant! … and t’s not just the evening sunlight! You are glowing, and your shiny tights and well fitting dress show you so well.

    It’s good to hear that you can still wear your normal clothes, but I think you’ll soon have to go to maternity wear (and not just for underwear and tights) … and I’m looking forward to seeing how you will shine in maternity wear!

    Thank you for sharing this special time with us.

    • | 7th Jul 17

      Thank you again for your lovely comment<3
      I wonder myself how long will I stay in my normal size clothing... Although, I could use stretchy clothing or Mikko's shirts... 🙂

  2. randy | 7th Jul 17

    Great article I love the shine of the CDR Eterno tights so much I bought my first pair the ultra violet shade will be getting more colors.

    • | 7th Jul 17

      Good to know you like Eterno! I am surprised how many new colors are coming all the time, great selection of choice!

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