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Baby BOY

Thank you all for all your warmest wishes in my instagram account<3<3<3 All your kind words touched my heart<3 We were even offered a baby-bride already for our future baby-boy 🙂
Frankly speaking, from my experience there is no any kind of gender reveal tradition or gender reveal party in Europe. All this fun staff has come from Northern America and I think it is kind of fun – you can create absolutely unforgettable memories and have some fun! I think 10 years ago bride’s and groom’s parties have just come to Europe and recently baby showers. In my parents youth there was no such kind of parties. Anyway, there were some other family and friends traditions. I think you can create whatever you want and make your own tradition. It is great to emphasize especially when such important events happen in your life.

About traditions

In Finland and Russia people usually just announce the baby’s gender to parents and family by telling them. When I moved to Finland I was surprised that some parents don’t want to know gender showing that it doesn’t matter who will come to their life. The most important – baby itself. I could not resist and I could not even imagine doing that for myself. Although I respect everyone’s opinion of making his own decision.

Gender reveal ideas

So, I decided to search in Google for gender reveal ideas. I really liked the idea of opening the box full of balloons of pink or blue color, it goes great when you throw a party. Then I really liked some special idea when dad-to-be is drifting the car in front of the guests with blue or pink fume. Another great idea is to make photo set of parents-to-be  with different attributes for the baby’s gender, if girl – pink balloons, ribbons, dresses, if boy – blue balloons,  play balls, toy-cars etc.  I found really cute and fun idea of revealing the gender when father-to-be reveals what color of prints he leaves on mom-to-be’s stomach. It also seemed pretty easy for us to make at home. We bought simple paint that kids use for painting and covered Mikko’s palms with it. All photo set was made by Mikko with his camera and tripod. The whole process of making this photo set was super fun and I enjoyed every second. I am really happy with the result as these pictures reflect our emotions so well.

I would really like to know whether you have gender reveal traditions in your country or in your circle. Would be great to know some other gender reveal ideas. Thank you<3<3<3

xoxo Maria

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  1. randy | 11th Jul 17

    Warmest wishes and congrats.

    • | 21st Jul 17

      Thank you so much<3

  2. ribbedtights | 11th Jul 17

    Utterly beautiful. These pictures are stunning, especially the ones of you and Mikko together. The happiness of your faces is so obvious. Really beautiful pictures.

    Sorry, I can’t add to your “tradition” list. For me, it would only be important to know the baby was healthy!!!! … boy or girl? Doesn’t matter, it’s all so magical.

    As for the pictures themselves, as always, they are beautiful. I like that you took the pictures inside, to control the light and surroundings. I really like your outfit … the sheer tights and white body / white skirt look amazing. But before this, what I noticed first was that your are not wearing shoes. You do have some amazing shoes, but I think your feet look stunning in the sheer tights. I like that there are some wrinkles in your tights around your ankles so we can see that your are wearing sheer tights, otherwise, it might be difficult to see if you are even wearing tights!

    Finally, I like the idea of the blue hand prints … very sweet. Although, I hope you used a paint that will wash off the white body (or will you keep the white body + hand prints as a memento?).

    Nothing else to say, but thank you and … just beautiful!

    • | 21st Jul 17

      Thank you so much for your warm and kind comment! That’s true, the main is that baby is healthy<3
      We really wanted to make something special and I am glad you enjoyed the pictures 🙂

  3. Hans | 3rd Aug 17

    Thanks for letting us all enjoy the warm feeling of happiness and pride that these pics express 🙂
    Nice choice of dress and pantyhose, they make up a really fresh look!

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