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It is hard to believe that third trimester has come! Time flies and baby bump is growing. All in all I have already gained 10 kg! When we have been to US trip I took couple dresses which fit well and had extra space for the belly but when I tried them in couple weeks on holidays, they were extremely tight that it was hard to breathe, so they just got free ride in my luggage without any use. Here is my prehistory of dresses during pregnancy and how I was struggling with some of them…

After that experience which is pretty natural for all moms to be I was really excited to partner with Tiffany Rose Maternity brand which designs and makes absolutely stunning dresses future mommies. In this set I am wearing dress which can be used both during casual occasions and evening events depending on accessorizes you choose. If you style it with ballerinas – good choice to go to work or for a walk, if you add high heels and brighter make up – perfect for evening events. The dress has a lot of space for belly which gives freedom in movements, moreover the style is made in such a way that you can wear this dress after pregnancy. I love the colors, styles and last but not the least quality! 95 % of viscose in this dress gives future mommy to experience pregnancy with pleasure and comfort!

I styled this dress with Kunert 20 mommy tights from UK tights which give support for the belly and make-up for legs. Comfort and beauty, who said it is not possible at the same time?


ANNA SHIFT DRESS by Tiffany Rose Maternity
Anna shift dress by Tiffany Rose Maternity
Kunert Mommy 20 by UK tights
Michael Kors


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  1. Ribbedtights | 11th Sep 17


    You look amazing! You are glowing beautifully … and so are your maternity tights. The dress is also stunning and really show off your baby bump (the ribbon does well t highlight your bump).

    Beautiful pictures and getting ever closer to the day! Please keep posting picture for as long as you want to share your pregnancy pictures with us. Thank you.

    • | 28th Sep 17

      Thank you<3<3<3

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