Item M6 maternity tights from UK tights

So excited to review Item M6 first maternity tights! They will be soon available in 

        Item M6 maternity tights from

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  1. Ribbedtights | 10th Oct 17

    The more pregnant you get, the more beautiful you and your baby bump look. Absolutely beautiful.

    I like these tights … it have been nice to see you trying the opaque black tights as well, but it must be getting difficult now?? But, just like you, I love the big heart on the belly of these tights. Really clever idea and really well made.

    Thank you again for sharing these pictures with us … I wonder how much longer you will be able to keep posting for us? A few more weeks … hopefully!?

  2. Lingerie Brands India | 12th Oct 17

    beautiful,I like these tights

  3. Lingerie Blog | 12th Oct 17

    Looking Beautiful on you, Thanks for sharing

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