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Hi everyone!

The spring has come to Finland but it’s still cold here. We post some of our  pictures from summer 2012 to warm you up! Have a good spring and wait for more posts in our blog! The pantyhose she is wearing are Platino Cleancut 15 in millenium.

Comments are highly appreciated!

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  1. CTReferee | 7th Mar 13

    Simply gorgeous! I've been enjoying your posts on for a long time, and now I finally get to see how beautiful your face is, too! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. nylonluva | 7th Mar 13

    amazing girl…thank you for the hot pics..and finally showing that cute face…best greets from austria…

  3. Jeff | 8th Mar 13

    Wow, I dont think I've ever seen a cuter girl in Pantyhose! I love your smile (and your legs of course!) You're just perfect!!! Thanks for sharing your pics, it's such a treat for me!

  4. NorthWestCouple2013 | 19th Mar 13

    Truely astounding photo`s of a beautiful lady and legs in wonderful pantyhose, plus great photography! look forward to seeing so much more…

  5. Anonymous | 3rd Jun 13

    Just discovered your site, and I am very impressed. Beautiful lady, beautiful hosiery. My wife is too shy to share her photos like this, so I very much appreciate lovely people like you who do. We began enjoying pantyhose together in our 20s, and now in our 40s it is more fun than ever. Keep loving each other and celebrating pantyhose!

  6. Anonymous | 30th Sep 13

    You are an excellent artist!!! Thanks

  7. Kuno Tore | 24th Dec 13

    Wow I love Cleancut!

  8. Stan Laurel | 26th Apr 14

    Masha is such a delectable,beautiful Lady,stunning face,perfect in every way,and could easily grace the cover of a huge international magazine,like Cosmopolitan Magazine………have you ever thought of pushing yourself forward in the high end market of the modelling world?Or even sending your photographs to different Pantyhose manufacturers,maybe they could use you on the front their packaging,i think you would be paid handsomely!
    I have a good friend,Louise,also with legs to die for in Pantyhose,she's an absolute gem,like you a RARE breed of beautiful Lady!
    Anyway,Masha,do think about what i said,and take care!

  9. Anonymous | 25th Aug 14

    Nice girl&stocking legs!!More pic!!

  10. Wojtek1692 | 28th Nov 14

    Super blog. You're the best. I love beautiful girls in black pantyhose.

  11. Alan Jones | 27th Nov 15

    Gorgeous pantyhose feet and legs. I love that you showed your pantyhose feet without shoes on. Great close up.

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