We had a nice summer day and went to the beach to make a photoset in Aristoc Ultra Sheer 10den Control Top. Today we celebrate our 2 years anniversary wedding and this post dedicated to it!
Have a great rest of the summer!






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  1. 15Denier | 27th Aug 13

    Congrats on your 2nd year of being together 🙂 Great quality ever. Looks like you both had a real good day at the regatta, judging from the sun. Hope your both doing ok 🙂

  2. phphotoau | 29th Aug 13

    congrats!! more years to come!

  3. J | 1st Sep 13

    Love the pics, you look amazing!

  4. Danny Ramirez | 4th Sep 13

    Beautiful….absolutely beautiful. oh to be a fly on the rocks…

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