It’s has been a short while from our previous post but here we go again. 🙂 These lovely patterned pantyhose were sent to us by one very nice fan of ours. The style is really nice and I like that they are brown and not black like usually. It has been raining a lot lately but fortunately weather is getting better and giving us more opportunities to go out and have fun.

















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  1. | 14th Apr 14

    As always, you are gorgeous and so sexy on these pictures ! Many thx for sharing our passion :o)

  2. 15Denier | 16th Apr 14

    I agree..i much prefer the brown colour as it shows the pattern very clearly. What make/brand are they as they look very familiar. Also do you both prefer plain kinds or pattern kinds?

  3. | 18th Apr 14

    Those are Fiore Luciana. We like both as much. Too hard to decide which one is better, haha.

    • 15Denier | 18th Apr 14

      Thanks for the reply. Had a feeling i recognised them, as i have some Fiore pattern kinds as well. Not as sweet as those thou 🙂

  4. Ribbed Tights | 28th Apr 14

    Patterned tights are so sexy … and these look amazing on you!!

  5. Dean LovesControlTopHose | 7th Oct 14

    Your boyfriend is so lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend who enjoys modeling in pantyhose and sexy dresses ! I love your sheer dark pantyhose in this set !!

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