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Here’s something we made last May when going out by scooter. I remember we spent the day inside as the weather was bad and then wanted to go out to get some fresh air. We drove to a small park near by for a walk and to make a set for our blog. We were lucky enough to walk for about 15min before it started raining again. What made it even little bit more special was that Masha was wearing two pairs of pantyhose with no skirt or nothing! The pair on top is from Calzedonia and if you look fast they look like leggings but they are pantyhose. To keep her warm she had under them Wolford Satin Touch 20s, I believe. So sexy!

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  1. adam sheer | 10th Sep 14

    A big hello from London. The love and passion you have for tights is I think equal to mine which by the way I thought no one could match. I love the fact that you wore tights and nothing over it, I guess firstly you had 2 on and secondly the Calzedonia are like leggings and are opaque. I managed to get the shiny Calzedonia you have on in your previous posts from ebay for an amazing price of GBP £20. I had not seen these before untilI saw your post and I know you can not get them so I was really really lucky to get them and they were band new in packaging. Anyway just wanted to say Hi and say I am a big fan.

  2. Jaime Xdress | 11th Sep 14

    Lovely as always!. I love to layer so it was very cool to see that you were layered in your pantyhose and did not cover them up. Love your blog keep up the great work

  3. Thomas MagNylon | 11th Sep 14

    Strange that we consider it naughty, if these pantyhose hadn't feet, they'd be wetlook leggings and everyone would be perfectly fine with that nowadays. Anyway I love that style and I'm grateful for all your updates. They make me kind of proud about my exquisite love for nylon

  4. rclosure | 12th Sep 14

    Very nice.

  5. Anonymous | 12th Sep 14

    Perfect !!
    thanks for you work,
    what is the exact reference of your black hose?

  6. Ribbed Tights | 13th Sep 14

    Wow!! That is so naughty! To a normal passerby, Masha looks like she is wearing black leggingts … but we know she is only wearing tights! That is so sexy and so naughty. I love the last 2 pictures where Masha is pulling the tights that are underneath … again very sexy!

    Incidentally, you call this "Part II" … does that mean there are more pictures of Masha wearing just tights? Please tell me yes, please!!

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Stefan Lmn | 15th Sep 14 crazy for her curves..she´s awesome….love that way of sporting nylons..soo good

  8. PH Bound | 22nd Jan 15

    Wow! This is a dangerous outfit, I could see many wrecks along the way! I hope this style of wearing these as leggings catches on around the world! Now, back to admiring….

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