How to encourage girl to wear tights/pantyhose

In this video you’ll know about why some girls don’t like wearing tights and how you can change it. I will also tell briefly about my favorite tights brands. I hope you enjoy this video! Comments are appreciated!
This is only a small scratch of tights brands. In the future we will make more videos about some brands in details. Enjoy <3

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  1. Maximus Ridiculous | 26th Oct 14

    Great video, your English is better than mine lol.x

  2. Thomas MagNylon | 26th Oct 14

    I really appreciate that effort. With an ambassador like Masha, I don't see how the popularity of tights won't rise in the future!

  3. Ribbed Tights | 27th Oct 14

    Great Video! I completely agree with what you have to say and also liked your tights / pantyhose recommendations.

    Also liked the Wolford Satin Deluxe … looked great on you!

  4. Anonymous | 27th Oct 14

    I am really looking forward to you doing some reviews on tights. If they are in the style of your first video the numbers of your followers will go through the roof!

  5. Anonymous | 27th Oct 14

    Masha,thankyou so much for the video.Your knowledge of Tights is second to none!
    You have a beautiful face and legs to die for!
    The big tights companies really need to know about you and your site!I'm sure if you contact them all,some would definately sponsor your site,and you would have funds coming in,which you totally deserve!You and Kate Middleton are great Ambassadors for shiny/glossy sheer tights,and your knowledge,Masha,experience and advice is second to none!
    You really do need to make the big companies aware of what you are doing!
    Thankyou so much for the video,and making a difference in the world!XXX.

    • | 28th Oct 14

      Dear Anonymous,
      Wow! I am flattered by your letter! It's very nice to read beautiful comments of yours. We'll take your advice and check what can we do.
      Best regards, Maria

  6. Twilight | 28th Oct 14

    Great video, thank you for making this! Are you wearing Wolford Satin De Lux here? Please show it off in an OOTD next time.

  7. Anonymous | 28th Oct 14

    Masha, the most beautiful ambassador for tights!!!!! – Keep up the good work!

  8. Anonymous | 8th Nov 14

    You are fantastic, please wear more sheer pantyhose and love to see you also in videos more.
    Thanks sweetheart

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