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I am so excited to partner with Finnish brand By Pinja in today’s post! This is my first post about maternity products and more will come. So, when you want to purchase something for your baby, you start to think: Is it safe? What if he will put it in his mouth? How can I protect him or her? If you know that you get Finnish-made product you can be sure in its high-quality and safety, especially for a baby. By Pinja manufacture silicone jewelries that are free of any chemicals and eco-friendly! The idea is to keep baby’s hands busy while nursing or cuddling. Baby is free to chew on jewelry when teething. Moreover necklace is a great accessorize for a mom. I chose necklace tropicals because I believe that baby’s attention is especially caught by bright colors and I personally imagine with what clothing to style this necklace.
In this post I styled By Pinja necklace with Wolford Barcelona dress which is absolutely perfect while belly is growing, although this dress is not maternity,  Wolford satin touch tights and Högl shoes.

It is so convenient that By Pinja products are shipped worldwide and now you can purchase them in the web shop with -20% discount using MYPHG discount which is available till the 6th of July!
Have a great week and enjoy July !



Necklace tropicals by Pinja
Wolford Barcelona dress
Wolford satin touch 20den tights

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  1. ribbedtights | 3rd Jul 17

    Amazing! What beautiful and clever jewellery. Really cute and such a good idea.

    As for you, wow! You are looking more and more stunning as the weeks pass. The Wolford Barcelona dress really shows off your curves and lines. The Satin Touch tights look quite matt in these pictures, but add a lovely tone and colour to your legs. Lovely images

    Thank you for continuing to share these wonderful moments in your life with us!

    • | 3rd Jul 17

      Awww thank you ribbedtights! Always a pleasure to read comments from you <3 I am glad you like to read my blog!

  2. Rob | 9th Jul 17

    Those suntan pantyhose look great on you….Suntan hose are my favorite to wear too because they work with ANY outfit (shorts,skirts,leggings,jeans,etc)….I wear them just about everyday for the support and they make my legs look and feel GREAT…

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