My Wolford collection and reviews

In this video I present tights and clothing from Wolford. You’ll see how the colors look like and get some reviews on the tights and clothing. The reviews are quite short because of so many items.
All the tights and clothing that are presented in the video you may find in Wolford official store
I am interested and would like to know about your favorite Wolford tights model. You may leave the comment below<3

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  1. Anonymous | 22nd Nov 14

    wonderful…. goooooddddddddddddddddddddddddd… keep go in… we like to see ur videos like this…. love u sexiest girl… what a shiny legs… i can die for u

  2. Paul Dupuis | 22nd Nov 14

    Your Wolford review is very wonderful !!!
    Please, next time, could you make a review with the different colours of Platino Cleancut ?
    Thank you

    • | 23rd Nov 14

      I think we only have couple different colors of Cleancuts but we will see what we can do ­čÖé

  3. Anonymous | 23rd Nov 14

    I loved the video,you are so cute and of course pantyhose..whatever sheer especially tan colour makes you wonderful and so attractive…You are a lovely pantyhose princess for me.
    Please post more videos of you..Thanks

  4. rclosure | 23rd Nov 14

    Love the video. Very informative and also sexy. Thank you!

  5. Ribbed Tights | 26th Nov 14

    Great Review! 17 minutes and 11 seconds of sheer joy to watch you talking about your tights, and showing us what the look and feel like. Very informative from the perspective of the wearer! And my, you do have a lot of Wolford products.

    From the start of the video, I wanted to know what type of tights you were wearing … and then part way through, you tell us Neon 40 in Gobi … they look absolutley stunning! And if you don't mind me saying, your very short dress meant that we did get a few peeks up your skirt … very sexy!

    Can you do similar reviews for other brands that you have … maybe Gatta?? Thanks for sharing your thoughts and looking forward to seeing your next video.


    PS Congratulations on winning the Wolford competition! Please tell us how you get on … hopefully Wolford will give you even more of their products!

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