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After the movie we started heading back to home. It was late and there were very few cars in the parking lot. Beautiful dim light gave us an idea to make this set there. You can see the dress details much better than in the previous set. Laced dress always looks irresistible and it is my weak point. I have already got them so many…and probably get even more)) In this set, especially in close-up shots you can see golden thread of zigzag very well in the back of Electra tights by Cecilia de Rafael. Anyway, what do you think?

x Maria

COAT: Miss sixty
PURSE: Chanel
Electra by Cecilia de Rafael


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  1. oascotty | 28th Apr 15

    More unedited pictures please! We miss the sets you used to do in the past where all was natural. Now it seems more of an "art show".

    • | 30th Apr 15

      Thank you for your review. We go ahead, find inspirations and express in new styles and visions. We like to do experiments but we also appreciate your opinion. In summer we might post some sets with unedited pictures.

  2. Fernando Luis Toncich | 29th Apr 15

    Hello Maria! I loved the production of photos. True, the details of the dress very well appreciated, a combination never seen so well made. The Electra stockings are very elegant and the you can carry you only so well. I always expect your new works are spectacular. I hope that the movie has been good, what did you see?

    • | 30th Apr 15

      Hi Fernando!
      Thank you for another lovely comment! Yes, movie was great. We watched Fast and Furious 7.

      xx M.

  3. Ribbed Tights | 29th Apr 15

    Great pictures! A real "edge" to this set … it looks dangerous with the dim lighting! And yes, as you say, the dress AND tights look amazing!

  4. rclosure | 29th Apr 15

    Amazing as always. Love your heels.

  5. John James | 29th Apr 15

    Great set.

    Maria, you are stunning, those legs, that dress – captured in some great photos!

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kessel Marc | 11th May 15

    Hi Maria, as always, great work :)! The darkness from the parking in combination with the dark dress and dark shoes is really amazing. And I love the shoes ;). Very elegant pantyhose 🙂

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