The Girl in the rain

Friday evening we decided to go to movie theater to watch ‘Fast and Furious 7’. On our way from home we got in the rain and took an advantage of making a photo set. I was dreaming of this set ‘in the rain’ for some time and finally we did it! It came just perfect. The sun was still shinning and water was pouring, I was covered under our huge family umbrella enjoying the rain. There is no bad weather, there are different attitudes to it. Of course, I love sun shining and warm weather but no one has stopped rain yet. And I enjoy it when Mikko is taking pictures of me to show my outfit of the day. I chose dress from H&M which looks fantastic because of its laces, Cecilia de Rafael tights Electra model. You might have already seen this model in the set Electra just before the Christmas. I had the same model of tights but with silver zigzag. In the set in the rain I have the same model but with gold zigzag. The outfit is added with my favorites from the shoe-collection – Bianca shoes by Christian Louboutin.
I hope we will make more shots in the rain, as the process is really exciting! Keep up with us to see more photos of this Friday in the next set <3
xo xo M.
COAT: Miss sixty
PURSE: Chanel
Cecilia de Rafael Electra

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  1. Fernando Luis Toncich | 25th Apr 15

    Production really beautiful!

  2. Kessel Marc | 26th Apr 15

    Hi Maria 🙂
    The last pic is simply perfect, the filter with darker colours looks amazing. The outfit (dress + shoes) is really elegant, special thumb up for the shoes :).
    It's rare that women wear such tights in all day life (specially in belgium, we don't see that), but it looks elegant, i hope that in the future more and more girls will think in another way like you do :).
    Keep continue, as I said last time, your blog is great and I'm very excited to read your next post :).
    Greetings from Belgium, Marc

    • | 28th Apr 15

      Marc, thank you for a lovely comment. This kind of outfit is perfect for evening but no whole day. In the days I choose small heels or ballerinas but definitely high heels for the evening!

      Thank you for keeping up with us and you can see already fresh made post today!

      xo Maria

  3. rclosure | 26th Apr 15

    Very nice! Love the heels she wears.

  4. Junius Paul | 2nd May 15

    Consistently lovely, Maria. The Electra Tights subtly yet beautifully bring out the entire ensemble. Love!

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