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I remember, guys, how you have all been intrigued by Uppsala model by Cecilia de Rafael. The first time I have presented Uppsala in anthracite color. If you have not seen this set yet, check it here. I am very excited to show you more colors of this model. And here is color number 2 –  Azulon. From Spanish Azul means blue. And these tights are blue like sky in a beautiful day. You may also find another color of blue in Uppsala model – Zafiro which from Spanish means sapphire. Keep up with us and you will see more colors from this model!
I can tell you these tights are pretty thick and warm – 150 Den. Finnish summer is very changeable and from 25 Celcius we can be in 12 C another day. That’s why it is possible I will show you them this summer. If not in summer-  for sure in autumn.
Hope you are ready for this beautiful summer. Enjoy it!
Kisses<3 M.

TIGHTS: Uppsala by Cecilia de Rafael in Azulon color
SHOES: Vagabond by Zalando
SHIRT: Lindex
SHORTS: Lindex

Uppsala by Cecilia de Rafael


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  1. Fernando Luis Toncich | 27th May 15

    Hello Maria! Did you wait long for this new outfit but really worth it. It is always lovely to see you again . Really the first model anthracite Uppsala was very interesting and this is even more so . The color is beautiful . 150 deniers ! really optimal for a changing winter as you say . Whenever you present stockings are better with denim shorts, I think. I know that also enjoy the beautiful scenery that elegis to present your photographs . I answer your question : I am from Argentina … you know my country? I send you a big kiss and thank you for that beautiful smile that you give us every week …

  2. Michael Milton | 28th May 15

    Hey Maria,
    How are you going babe? Well I love those photos and those tights look so sexy on you and hope to see a lot more of those sexy tights on you. I'm a really big fan of yours

  3. Kessel Marc | 28th May 15

    Hi Maria,
    Glad to see that you have a new camera, maybee you have repaired the old. 🙂
    First I thought: oh, it looks a little strange ! But more you look at the pictures, and more you like it :). I like the way you wear the tights, with a small shorts and the top, because most shorts are combined with nude legs.
    It's also very rare to see cecilia de rafael tights, they don't sell them in Belgium (or you can buy them on internet), but not in the shops.
    Nice post
    have a nice day Maria,

    • | 31st May 15

      Thank you! We still need to get more lenses, this camera we got is great but we have it with original lens, so more better pictures in the future!
      You can get CDR tights from We have ordered from them before, they are great and ship worldwide)

      Have a nice day too! M.

  4. Ribbed Tights | 29th May 15

    I need to buy a thesaurus!!!(?) … to look up new words to say how fantastic you look and how amazing the Uppsala tights look! This blue colour is shocking, like live electricity. A real wake up call! Anybody saw you wearing these tights while you were taking these picture is probably still smiling now (I know my day is going to be much brighter … thank you). The high denier of these tights makes tights are painted on you, really amazing. My only complaint is that there are so few pictures!! 🙂 Thank you, and I cannot wait to see all the other colours!

    • | 31st May 15

      Oh wow! Thank you so much!
      It is great that you like these shots) I always smile reading you comments<3

  5. Charle Dup | 3rd Jun 15

    Hi, i want see your foot with this pantyhose because are very beautiful so i think your foot are so very nice with this pantyhose

  6. gungeli | 12th Jun 15

    It would be nice to see these tights in an video review 🙂

  7. Alan Jones | 27th Nov 15

    My favorite color! Could you please post a few pics of her feet without shoes on while she wears these pantyhose? Thanks.

  8. Falko | 31st Dec 15

    These blue tights look beautiful. Have you a short video when you are wearing them? Or at least some more pictures?

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