Trasparenze suspender tights

I am so excited to present Trasparenze suspender tights which I got from
If you want to purchase these tights, click in the pictures below

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  1. Fernando Luis Toncich | 3rd May 15

    Hello Maria! how are you? Very good presentation Transparenze suspend tights. Clear and detailed. And maybe it is best to see you and hear. You're an angel!

  2. Ribbed Tights | 4th May 15

    Great review … and as you say, super sexy! I love the ribbon edging around the suspenders … very classy. I can undertsand that they do not look very sexy when you take them out of the packet, but once you put them … completely different look. The look of sexy stockings but with the practicality of tights. The open crotch makes then ideal for women who do not like wearing tights (because of another nylon later on top of their panties), but these suspender tights look so much more sexy than plain crotchless tight because of the open hips / sides. This design also makes them ideal for men to wear!! I wonder how many women (and men) wear suspender tights?

    A word of caution, be careful if you wash them in the washing machine (in a hosiery bag) as sometimes the suspenders can get twisted and you will turn them inside out a few times before you untangle them! But, this is just a minor issue (that, probably, I only I suffer from).

    I love Trasparenze tights. They are really high quality and have some amazing designs, including these suspender tights. Apparently, they spray perfume into the tights when they manufacture them, so when you first open them packet, they smell beautiful.

    Great review and I hope you inspire more women (and men) to wear super sexy suspender tights.

    • | 4th May 15

      Wow! What a nice message, Ribbed tights! I can officially call you a Hosiery critic! You have a great experience in the products! It is always so pleasant to read your messages in the blog and I respond with pleasure!

      Thank you so much for advice about washing, I bet these tights can be very 'themselves going' and probably I will stick to hand washing. We'll see!

      You are right, the smell is nice. Every manufacturer has its own smell that makes company unique)

      Thank you once again for your kind words!
      Happy to see you so often in my blog!

      xoxo Maria

  3. rclosure | 4th May 15

    Very nice.

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