Tights storage tour

You will get an excursion around my boxes and drawers of tights. Also you will see how I store them in different ways. If you have your own ideas of keeping tights and clothing, don’t hesitate to share in the comments <3

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  1. Michael Milton | 20th Jun 15

    Hey Maria,
    How are you babe? That was a great video and didn't think you had so many pairs of pantyhose.could you tell tell me how pairs have u got?

  2. Ribbed Tights | 21st Jun 15

    Wow!! I know you have said you like tights … and you obviously do … but I honestly didn't realise you had so many pairs of tights!! I am seriously impressed!

    When you first showed your tights in the drawers, I thought that was a difficult way to find a particular brand or denier or colour or effect (shiny or matt or patterned). However, your boxes and keeping the tights in thier original packaging is a very clever idea. Generally, most tights are in similar sized packets and boxes, so storage of these packets is easy to organise (like you have shown). I also like how you organise your tights by the brand (in different boxes).

    However, some tights are only packed in a little folded card (like in your boxes of tights that you have not tried yet) and storage of these is not so easy! – to get to the tights, you have to rip the little folded card package and putting them back in this folded card package is impossible and pointless! Also, the card package doesn't always have a picture of the tights on the front, so keeping the package is useless.

    I did read somewhere, a woman stores her tights in individual clear plastic food bags. Also, inside the clear plastic food bag, she places a small picture of herself wearing these tights – that way she knows what they look like when she is wearing them (professional pictures don't always show what the actual tights look like when you are wearing them) – I suppose this depends on the quality of the picture and light, but it's another idea similar to yours! (I prefer your idea).

    I am a little OCD, so your organisation makes me feel happy and safe inside. Thank you for sharing your organisational skills with us and showing us how many tights you really own! (WOW, I am still very impressed with how many tights you have).

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 23rd Jun 15

      Hi! Thank you so much! Love your comments!

      The idea of taking pictures and putting them on the package is great but it will take a lot of time to make everything. Anyway, thank you for telling this idea.

      I am not so organized, my tights can be sometimes in a big ball like the black you have seen in this video. When I have time I put them in order again.

      Thank you again for your lovely comment))))

  3. Fernando Luis Toncich | 22nd Jun 15

    Thanks!!! It is a dream!!!

  4. Boris T | 25th Jun 15

    Привет, Маша! Есть здесь "читатели" и из России. Надеюсь, русский язык еще не забыла? ))

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 25th Jun 15

      Привет! Конечно не забыла) аудитория – интернациональная, английский язык – международный, поэтому так проще)

  5. gustavo guglielmi | 25th Jun 15

    how about use some gloves too ?

  6. strumpfhosenbilder | 2nd Jul 15

    Hi Maria, that is awesome. Thank you very much for the video. You have a really nice collection. We all love your pictures very much.

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