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 HI! We were looking for the new portrait lens for our Fuji camera. Good portrait lenses are pretty pricey, so you really need to explore which one would be the best. Unexpectedly for me, Mikko got another Olympus body – E-M5 as our old one got broken. On the other hand it is great -we have plenty of cool lenses from our old Olympus body, so you will see really cool pictures in some time. I am sitting and writing this post looking at the bunch of camera bodies and lenses….
However, it is great to explore and looking for better camera equipment even if it does not go right for the first time. So you may notice that latest pictures may look like from a simple camera. They were made by Fujifilm camera with ordinary lens. Just you wait… soon more great pictures.. Can’t wait myself when we make new pictures with our new Olympus!
For now enjoy this new color of Uppsala model by Spanish company Cecilia de Rafael. We have teamed up with CdR and I am so excited to present all the colors of this gorgeous Uppsala model. All in all there are 7 of them. If you want to see the previous sets, check them here: Anthracite and Blue. The official color of the presented above Uppsala is Amethyst. I actually have some jewelry with these stones from my grandma. The tights with amethyst jewelry would look magnificent but I show you casual style today. Hope you like it!
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TIGHTS: Uppsala by Cecilia de Rafael in Amatista color
SHOES: Tamaris
SHIRT: Lindex
SHORTS: Lindex
Sunglasses: Chanel

Uppsala by Cecila de Rafael

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  1. Twilight | 10th Jun 15

    Don't disturb me… I am gonna be busy for a while!!!

  2. Fernando Luis Toncich | 10th Jun 15

    Hello Maria! how are you ? Today the beautiful pictures , these averages are spectacular and I congratulate the CDR and new lenses. I would like to see photos you've taken you like Sakura , you got a talent for it . I love this short ! I think the look struck me most was scooter girl !!! A big kiss for you !

  3. Kessel Marc | 10th Jun 15

    Hi Maria :),
    you can wear those colours, it looks fantastic on you! A flashy pantyhose, but it looks perfect with the shirt, short…
    mostly, I don't like 150 den pantyhoses, but this one looks different :o, it has the shiny effect as a neon from wolford and the backseam is really sexy. Most thick pantyhoses are cotton tights, but it's not so beautiful :/.
    Greetings, Marc

  4. Michael Milton | 11th Jun 15

    Hi Maria,
    How are you going babe? Well those pantyhose look soo sex on you and your husband is a lucky man to have a wife looking so hot in pantyhose all the time.cant wait to see the next colour on you.

  5. Michael Milton | 11th Jun 15

    Hi Maria I forgot to ask you if we could see your feet in those pantyhose please

  6. Ribbed Tights | 11th Jun 15

    I thought the electric blue colour was shocking! But this Amethyst colour is amazing … unreal … brilliant! You wear them well!

    I have just clicked on the link to CdF to see the range! Wow!, they are some spectacular colours! Thank you for bringing them to our attention!

  7. rclosure | 11th Jun 15

    Very nice!

  8. gustavo guglielmi | 16th Jun 15

    how about wear some gloves too ?

  9. Aatu Sellanen | 12th Jul 15

    ihan sika upeita kuvia. ja mikä hienoo et tunnistan paikkoja paljon ku asustellaan samassa kyläpahasessa!
    en seuraile mitää blogeja, mut tää lähti seurantaan. jatkahan samaan malliin 🙂
    hyvät kesän jatkot

    • | 14th Jul 15

      Kiitos tosi paljon! Ihana saada noin positiivista palautetta! Hyvää kesän jatkoa myös sinne!

  10. Alan Jones | 27th Nov 15

    Great color

  11. randall pierce | 9th Jun 16

    Never seen the Amethyst colour now these I would love to have don’t think I would want to take them off.

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