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I am always excited when I see planes, because it reminds me of traveling and I love traveling. Most of our travels we make by plane. In the background you can notice Helsinki-Vantaa airfield with local operator Finnair. I love this background that’s why I asked Mikko to check out the airfield for our next photo session. So we decided to have a ride in our new car. We changed my old Volvo to new Renault Megan recently. You might know I am a big fan of BMW but the problem that in Finland all Bummers which are at affordable price are old and with a long run close to 500 t km which means you might have a lot of repairs and spend a lot of money in the future. We checked Ford Fiesta, Seat Leon, Mazda 3, Audi 3, BMW 1 series but the perfect for us turned to be Renault Megane. For sure bummer is great but  the trim level of Renault is much much better than BMW at the same price. For sure, German cars are the leaders in the market but not price-competitive. I guess, there are many car-lovers among our readers, and you may disagree with me but I love my choice and that’s it.

For our ride I chose Cecilia de Rafael. It is great that hosiery companies make new lines of other garments. I absolutely love the quality of CDR bodysuits. French-style skirt Topolino is one of my favourites for now. Shoes are by Aldo from Zalando shop.

Enjoy the weekend and tell us about your car experiences, if you also have a car fever <3


TIGHTS: Sevilla by Cecilia de Rafael
SKIRT: Topolino by Cecilia de Rafael
BODYSUIT: Body Mangas by Cecilia de Rafael
SHOES: Aldo by Zalando

Sevilla by Cecilia de Rafael


Body Mangas by Cecilia de Rafael


Skirt Topolino by Cecilia de Rafael

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  1. Fernando Luis Toncich | 6th Jun 15

    Hello Maria! good to see you again! I loved that dress enhances your figure a lot that is perfect . The very fine stockings and shoes but also know that prefer a little darker . And if travel is life and knowledge , I unfortunately do not travel by plane since 1998. I congratulate you on the car with all my heart . I would also like them. I've always had it, Citroen 2 CV 1969 with which toured almost all Argentina and I am now to bring the mechanic to repair the engine. I send you a big kiss . You're beautiful forever. I love you .

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 10th Jun 15

      Muchas gracias, Fernando! Si quieres, escribe en espanol! Me gusta hablar espanol. Espero, voy a viajar a Argentina algun dia!
      Besos<3 Maria

  2. Max Nylons | 6th Jun 15

    This post is a beautiful one. Her toes look amazingly beautiful in Sevilla. Ultra sheer/invisible toe pantyhose are the best ones. Please post more photos of her toes in Cleancut 10's or 15's, Sevilla 15's, Gipsy Better than Bare 7den or Luxury Gloss 10's and please focus more on toes everytime. Hope to see more of her in future. Thanks for sharing, beautiful post 🙂

  3. Robban | 7th Jun 15

    WoW!! beautiful pantyhose <3 I also love BMW <3

  4. Ciao Prete | 7th Jun 15

    album really fantastic , good ! Maria but when you take images with nude pantyhose 8 den ? always put heavy socks ..

  5. Ribbed Tights | 8th Jun 15

    Great outfit. I really like the tight body, the tights smooth skirt and the open toes heels! Like 'Max Nylons' says above, your toes and feet look amazing in the sheer tights and heels!

    Sorry, no interesting car stories from me! But, good luck with your new car!

  6. Kessel Marc | 9th Jun 15

    Hi Maria, nice to see you again.
    Like a lot of men, I like cars, but as a pilot it's a pleasure for me to see that you made a photoshooting near an airfield !
    First I was thinking: it's a toeless pantyhose, but on one of your pics we can definitely see that it is not a toeless.
    The pantyhose fits perfectly, like a nude effect. Mostly I like 20 => 40 den pantyhoses on women, but this one is different :).
    I hope that you will have a lot of fun with your new car.
    NB: the dress is also beautiful 🙂
    Have a nice day

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 10th Jun 15

      Hi Marc! Oh wow! It's is exciting to be a pilot, i believe.
      I don't like toeless pantyhose, then would go more with leggings but in most cases – normal pantyhose.

      Thank you so much! Have a nice day too<3 M.

  7. Kessel Marc | 10th Jun 15

    Hi Maria, I understand, I also really dislike toeless pantyhoses, and I'm not the biggest fan of leggings :/. I prefer to see simple pantyhoses on women's legs.
    I just thought at something speaking about planes: Do you know the german brand "kunert"? It's also a really good brand for thights/pantyhoses. A lot of flight attendants wear this brand because they have a partnership with air companies :).
    Greetings, Marc 🙂

  8. gustavo guglielmi | 16th Jun 15

    how about a shoot with gloves and boots ?

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