Shine bright like a diamond…

Huraaaaah! It’s officially summer in Finland. Today is 22 C and the whole week will be pretty much the same and a bit warmer! Whole May and June I was wearing light coat and jacket and finally I don’t need them. It’s great to enjoy this short summer here. Our hottest summer will be in France and Italy. We are going there in August-September for our summer holidays. It’s gonna be hot!
For now I will enjoy these summer days and continue blogging for you, guys! You are all awesome! Thank you for your kind and sweet words. I try to answer everyone at least in the blog)) Hopefully your summer will be as bright and shiny as my Sevilla tights of natural color by Cecilia de Rafael<3

P.S.Frankly speaking, they are the shiniest tights I have ever had.


TOP: Vero Moda
SHOES: Vagabond
SUNGLASSES: Dior Mohotani

Sevilla by Cecilia de Rafael
Dior Mohotani

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  1. Pasc Mann | 29th Jun 15

    Amazing! I love these tights as much as Platino Cleancut.

  2. Paul Dupuis | 29th Jun 15

    I think that Platino Cleancut is even more shiny than Sevilla, don't you ?

  3. rclosure | 30th Jun 15

    The shine is MANIFICENT!!

  4. Fernando Luis Toncich | 3rd Jul 15

    Hello Maria! you enjoy the summer, the heat and your holiday ! Thank you for your words so affectionate to us all. As always the pictures today , you beautiful and breathtakingly beautiful . True, you give us brilliant moments , how are you half as bright , it is a great joy to wait your post , write and always wait for your beautiful answers . Love you !

  5. Conrad Carlovic | 4th Jul 15

    Маша, это восхитительно!

  6. FINE NYLON | 5th Jul 15

    beautiful just beautiful

  7. Ribbed Tights | 9th Jul 15

    Really shiny tights …and quite sheer! They (and you) look amazing in the afternoon sunlight! Do you think sunlight at different times will make the tights shine in diffferent ways?

    Great set, as always.

  8. сергей ярмульский | 26th Jul 15

    Твоя коллекция колготки просто супер

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