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Hello guys! We got back from our 3 weeks vacation in France and Italy. And I am so happy to share my first set from Paris when I was wearing red dress from Mango with Michael Kors shoes and Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla tights. It was cloudy and windy that day, you can notice it easily by my waving hair)) There was no sun that evening, that’s why you can see pretty mat look from 15 den tights but they are ultra shiny in the sun as you might have seen them in my previous posts. Paris is perfect city for any photo session: gorgeous  Medievial, Renaissance and Neoclassical buildings, Gothic Notre-Dame, small coffee-shops with tiny tables and chairs in the streets. The atmosphere itself is very magical but I have to very frank with you. Paris is a truly beautiful city and you can see it beauty when you turn to the deserted streets and lung into it atmosphere without noisy tourists. It is really hard to find such places in Paris but you can easily do it in the evening when all tourists are tired and get back to hotels. We went down the bridge next to Notre-Dame and found beautiful spots to shoot. Although it started raining and we hurried up towards metro. The distance was not far away but it took us couple more hours to walk around and enjoy that evening with Paris..

DRESS: Mango
TIGHTS: Sevilla by Cecilia de Rafael

Cardigan: Cubus
SHOES: Michael Kors

 Sevilla bt CdR

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  1. Kessel Marc | 17th Sep 15

    Hi Maria, glad to see a new post :)!
    I followed you on instagram, I saw your pics, and all of them are brilliant.
    On the first look I didn't note you were wearing a pantyhose because of the nude effect, but we can see a mat "off-white" colour (I looooove this colour you are wearing by the way…).
    Hope you enjoyed a lot your trip and hope you will post more during the next days.
    Greetings, Marc 😉 !

  2. Ribbed Tights | 19th Sep 15

    WOW!! It's amazing what a little sun (or lack of sun) does to the look of high quality tights … like the CdR. I cannot believe they are the same tights as you previous postings. Great pictures! Your dress and your very subtle tights are beautiful colours!! Nice combination.

    • | 21st Sep 15

      Thank you for your lovely comment! These tights are transparent, when the sun is shining they do too, and when there is no sun – they look very matt) I like this changing! xo Maria

  3. La lechuza | 30th Sep 15

    love it!

  4. rclosure | 2nd Oct 15


  5. Fx Ante | 6th Oct 15

    very very beautiful

  6. Fx Ante | 6th Oct 15

    very very beautiful

  7. françois Hed | 8th Oct 15

    I m a french guy and I lived in Paris for several years.
    Paris is known as one lovely city, but I have never seen it so beautiful, Maria's presence glorifies the city.
    I would have liked seeing for real these so beautiful legs in perfect tights trotting in my city, what an amazing moment… Thanks a lot

  8. angelo virago | 27th Oct 15


  9. Silvestre | 24th May 16

    Would you happen to remember the color of the pantyhose?

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