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I hurry up to post all my autumn sets before the first official snow in Finland. Today is casual style with Cecilia de Rafel tights, unusual tights – compression tights. It is highly important to use them when you travel or walking all day long. In this case you give such a great support to your body. These compression tights presented in the set are approved by doctors which is also a great advantage to prove how healthy and important to use them. There are so many different tights with different level of compression in different parts of the legs or whole legs. These tights are 70 den, although they feel more like 50 to me and they are super tight. They are also sheer and I think they look absolutely amazing with these light in the evening!


TIGHTS: Daily 70 by Cecilia de Rafael
COAT: Miss Sixty

Daily 70

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  1. John James | 19th Dec 15

    Love this set Maria, you look great, especially in that light!

  2. La lechuza | 19th Dec 15

    These beautiful stockings! 70 deniers do not speak! The degree of transparency is fair. Your every day more beautiful! I love you!

  3. rclosure | 20th Dec 15


  4. HLS Kunde | 24th Dec 15

    Wonderful pictures as always. May I ask what kind foto filters you use. They are amazing.

    • | 1st Jan 16

      Thank you! On a very bright sunny day (which happens like never in Finland) we use ND filters in front of the lens. When editing, usually the white balance is corrected but sometimes we go crazy and enrich the colors, make some photos black and white or something like that but nothing really special.

  5. Unknown | 1st Jan 16

    Is it possible to come back as a.woman

  6. Freepantyhose | 1st Jan 16

    It should be mandatory for young boys to wear pantyhose as.well as the girls. If not there missing out

  7. Freepantyhose | 1st Jan 16

    Is it possible to come back as a.woman

  8. Modeling | 16th Jan 16

    Oh Maria. I love you modeling pantyhose. And I hope to see much more of you soon.

    Thank you, Rick

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