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It’s is getting dark in Finland and we start to have light only for 6 hours a day and soon 4 hours. It is good time to warm up. Satti Matti tights is a new invention by Polish brand Gatta. They are120 den tights with 3D technology, smooth, opaque and absolute must have this winter. They keep legs warm and give you comfort for all day long. Together with my style I chose Russian classical shawl which is called ‘platok’ with the name ‘Wonderland’. These shawls we worn on old times and still a must have for every fashionista not only in Russia.

COAT: Miss Sixty
Gatt Satti Matti
Shawl 'Strana chudes'

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  1. rclosure | 5th Dec 15

    Lovely as always. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Kessel Marc | 5th Dec 15

    Hi Maria!
    Long time ago we didn't see you in opaque tights, but you are giving the exemple that a girl can also wear opaque tights in a nice/classic style :).
    Such a pantyhose is in my eyes also a must have, because on cold days it's difficult to wear thin tights :).
    The pictures are taken in a really good angle: love the night effect with the lights that is shining on you :).

    Have a nice day 🙂

    • | 8th Dec 15

      Hello Marc,
      Frankly speaking opaque tights are my favorite! In Finland you can't live without opaque tights, they always look great on legs and keep me warm.

  3. La lechuza | 15th Dec 15

    Allways beautiful! love you!

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