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I am very excited to be partnering with Emilio Cavallini, famous Italian lingerie brand! I was really pleasantly surprised that they also produce pantyhose for men – mantyhose. Really great collection for every taste both men and women! Talking about tights for women. Most of you asked me where to find white tights and here you go! Perfect white tights with black stars on the ankle. I like this small detail that will definitely catch the eye. The quality is amazing and I like the mat effect of these 40 den tights! In one of sunny days  we decided to go out to check some strollers in the shops. In the pictures my baby bump wasn’t so popping out much yet, though some of you spotted me with strollers catalog in my instagram and started to to congratulate  with new changes:) It was really nice though I didn’t tell the news yet. On the other hand white tights are pretty attractive element of the look when you don’t want to pay attention to other things yet. Have a great Tuesday! 


DRESS: Dexi dress by BIK BOK 
TIGHTS: Black star tights by Emilio Cavallini
PURSE: Coccinelle 

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  1. Fernando Luis Toncich | 27th Jun 17

    Beautyful always!

    • | 29th Jun 17

      Thank you for your comment<3<3<3

  2. FloEnCollants | 28th Jun 17

    Nice tights.

    Yes, mantyhose are excellent with various patterns.
    I get some of them, excellent quality !

    • | 29th Jun 17

      Wow! Great to know!

  3. ribbedtights | 28th Jun 17

    The majority of women (and sorry that this is a gross generalisation) tend to wear opaque black tights … and I can understand why. So, when someone wears tights with a different colour it’s always striking. The most striking of them all is white! And these Emilio Cavallini are just stunning! And the star detail is just beautiful … it’s not too much, just on the right side of understated and elegant!

    Love these picture! Especially the first picture of a close up of the star! As always, you look stunning Maria!

    • | 29th Jun 17

      As always, love to read your comments<3<<3<3

  4. randy | 1st Jul 17

    Love the star on those tights . But the opinion of mantyhose only problem is inflated price and lack of color choices that’s why I only buy women’s tights and pantyhose it’s all about fashion after all.

  5. Hans | 5th Aug 17

    The star is a really special look but apart from loving tights overall I also love when girls try out something new 🙂
    And that something new matches these outfits to perfection, you shine in it!

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