Some items from Wolford aw 2015-2016 collection

Items as they appear in order:
1. Claudia tights in raven color
2. Maria tights in black/ash color
3. Darleene overknee tights in black color
4. Lilie Pullover in belini color
5. Neon string body in belini color
6. Molly dress in raven color

In the video I am wearing satin de luxe tights also by Wolford


Claudia tights


Maria tights
Darleene overknee tights


Lilie pullover


Neon string body
Molly dress
Satin de luxe


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  1. rclosure | 21st Dec 15

    Wolford have their own magazine?

  2. Ribbed Tights | 12th Jan 16

    Happy New Year!!

    Awesome video. I love watching your reviews because you are so positive, honest and … real! So many reviews are pretentious and don't tell us useful information, but you "tell it like it is". Thank you.


    PS I have been away since late December, so I'm only now catching up with what I have missed!

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