Winter fairytale




Welcome to winter fairytale in Finland! It has been so much snow and weather was so blessing: only -5 Celcius and sometimes rays of sunshine. Although, as long as there is minus outside, there will be snow and for long a walk out I chose my favoutirte Wolford Cashmere silk tights. They are extremely comfortable and smooth, though they are thick, they are made of silk and cahmere material that make them absolutely perfect for winter. Cashmere is not cheap material but the truth is, that any item made of cashmere is a good investment, it won’t roll down like acryl or polyester and last for years not for one season. Wolford has the best to offer and every girl should take it!

You know guys I am obsessed with shoes and purses, so here is mu new investment – purse from Italian brand Coccinelle, I wanted to get it when we were in Greece but I could not find the right color and now I did. This purse has so many spaces and pockets inside, though it is medium size.

Here is also a small bonus to this post – video. hopefully you like anf looking forward to hearing from you. I really love all your comments here and read them all. Have a nice week!

xo Maria.


TIGHTS: Cashmere silk tights by Wolford
PURSE: Coccinelle
BOOTS: Vagabond


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  1. John | 20th Nov 16

    Great set, you look stunning as always – winter suits you ?

  2. Ribbedtights | 20th Nov 16

    Wow!! Just like a fairy tale. Beautiful scenery, really looks like winter.

    I also love the cashmere silk tights. They look lovely and cosy and warm, but being made of cashmere and silk must make the feel unbelievable. Thank you for the closer views of the tights, it’s fantastic to be able to see how they are knitted together and they stretch and form over your legs.

    Thank you for taking the time to take these pictures for us, in what must have been a very cold day!

  3. Suzanne | 6th Dec 16

    Wow, 165 euro thight, I’ve dresses that are cheaper. Are they really worth it?

    • | 1st Jan 17

      Oh yes! Cashmere is pretty expensiive but worth it.

  4. Eni Abeni | 17th Dec 16

    I love this shooting on the snow. You are really beautiful in these photos!!! I’m Eni, blogger from Italy. I hope you get to look at my blog and tell me what you think. Kisses,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

    • | 1st Jan 17

      Thank you Eni! You have really beautiful blog! Happy New Year!!!

  5. Michał | 8th May 21

    You are very Beautiful and very sexy.

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