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Beautiful snowy weekend to you all! Even if you live in summer time right now I hope you can feel the approach of winter. In some of my recent videos on YouTube I reviewed winter tights from Luxury Legs. We decided to make a post of Oroblu tights which you can see right now. What can be better than fleeced tights in winter! Durable and super thick to protect you from cold winter days! 
We have reached -27 C yesterday in Finland! Trust me if you go to the seaside, you will feel -37 C. Climate in Finland is very humid because of the severe Baltic sea. It is so cold, that when you go outside for a walk your lashes can be covered with frost in couple minutes. I believe it is only a question how you are accustomed to this kind of weather and how you dress up.
It would be great to know what the weather is right now where you are. Please, write me in the comment. Happy weekend <3  
COAT: Lea Vinci
BOOTS: Vagabond
 Oroblu from Luxury legs

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  1. Raymond Middleton | 9th Jan 16

    Beautiful as always!

  2. rclosure | 9th Jan 16


  3. Ribbed Tights | 12th Jan 16

    Brrrr … that is cold, but as you says, it just depends on what temperatures you are used to and how you dress for it! At -27 C fleece tights must feel awesome! A friend of a friend used to warm her socks and tights up in the microwave (only 20 seconds) before putting them on and going out into the cold?? Strange!

    As ever, you look wonderful in these pictures (sorry, you must REALLY be getting tired of me and many others saying that). In some pictures, you can almost see how cold it is! I like the white coat in the dark night … very moody!

    Here, the weather is a little warmer (12 C to 15 C), but there are always grey clouds above. And then suddenly, it gets very dark, it rains for 20 minutes and then back to the clouds! It should be colder and the weather should be more stable (i.e. no sudden rain showers), but the jetstream is playing havoc with the European weather. I saw somewhere that it's VERY cold in Russia at the moment and the cold is slowly spreading to the rest of Europe. Part of me wants this to happen as it doesn't feel like winter unless it's cold (I know, I am a little strange).

    Thank you for your posts and looking forward to the next!

    • | 30th Jan 16

      Ribbed tights, how can you think so! I will never get tired of your comments. I read them all and appreciate your time giving a feedback!

      As for microwave operation sounds a bit dangerous. when I am cold the best two options – warm up in the hot shower or iron clothes to warm yourself up!

      Where are you that it is 15C?

  4. La lechuza | 15th Jan 16

    Beautiful! I love you!

  5. terry | 22nd May 17


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