Hello! I got one more color of Uppsala in my collection and this time it is ‘fumo’ which means smoke in Spanish. With camera flash this color looks very close to green but in reality it is grey.
These tights give an impression of leggings but they are tights and they look really unusual. I have written many posts of them and you can check them here in all colors:


If you check my list and all the colors from Uppsala by Cecilia de Rafael you can easily notice I have one more color to show. I will when I have my post done, maybe this spring… or earlier. Have you found what the color is next?



TIGHTS: Uppsala by Cecilia de Rafael
BOOTS: Vagabond
PARKA: Ellos
PURSE: Coccinelle

 Uppsala tights by CdR

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  1. Ribbeditghts | 8th Feb 17

    Wow! Amazing, but what else would we expect from you!!??. These tights, like all the other CdRs, are just brilliant. The depth of colour and shine is just … incredible.

    I clicked on all the links of the other colours you have shown us. As I look at each set, I think that is my favourite colour … but then the next set is even better … and it keeps going!! I could spend the rest of today trying to decide which colour is best, but I know that by the end of the day, I still won’t know. They are all brilliant!

    Also, I think I have guessed which colour you are missing. I can’t wait for you to get them and I can’t wait to see how they look on you.

    Thank you, as always, RibbedTights

  2. randall pierce | 12th Feb 17

    The CDR Uppsala tights are magnificent have 6 different colors myself that I wear. Very durable looks great on and nice support these are a must have.

  3. Janine | 14th Feb 17

    You look fabulous, as you always do. Such a gorgeous figure.
    I have a pair of these Uppsala in Marron, though I have not yet tried them on. I must do so. I can’t wait to see how they look and feel!

    By the way, have you tried any seamless tights from new company HEIST? Although the range is quite small so far, they are truly excellent in looks, fit and feel.

  4. randall pierce | 14th Feb 17

    Always enjoy reading your articles nicely done.

  5. Frederick Johnson | 21st Feb 17

    Interesting. These tights almost look like leather pants yet they’re 80% nylon and 20% spandex. I got to say. You look beautiful in tights and shed some light on the highest quality not found in most stores. Thank you.

  6. Rob | 23rd Feb 17

    I’d wear these like leggings with a tunic/dress and ballet flats….Or with denim shorts and ballet flats…

  7. randall pierce | 1st Jun 17

    Just got another pair of Uppsala tights in a Zafiro color Love them also great color and are awesome feeling on have yet to take a photo. Plan on getting more colors nothing like a great quality pair of tights like these.

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