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When I opened the package of pure 50 tights by Wolford I couldn’t
believe how perfect these tights could be, it was love from the first
sight, touch… you can’t go with only one pair because they are
perfect. Pure 50 tights feel like silk on the skin and at the same time
material is incredibly soft. These tights give a matt look and perfect
for any occasion. I am really obsessed with these tights that I wished I
had a pair for each day of the week.
In addition Pure 50 are
perfect for tight dresses like seamless tube Darleene Fatal dress. No
seams at all which make the whole outfit perfect. Beautiful lines and no
seams what  can be better?

MASCARA: Giorgio Armani Eyes to kill
Pure 50


Pure 50


Darleene fatal dress


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  1. Narkoz Omerta | 12th Mar 16

    You're really great. From Turkey with love 🙂

  2. Richard Closure | 13th Mar 16


  3. JJ106K | 13th Mar 16

    Well worth checking back, what great set Maria – you look stunning!

  4. Maximus | 14th Mar 16

    Fabulous, you’re regaining your mojo 😉 x

  5. ribbedtights14@gmail.com | 14th Mar 16

    Beautiful! You look stunning on Wolford … or does stunning Wolford look good on you?? Or both (probably). Either way, just beautiful.

  6. Fernando Luis Toncich | 14th Mar 16

    I love your new site, it is beautiful!

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 14th Mar 16

      thank you!

  7. Black Collant | 20th Mar 16

    Wow! You are so sexy! Wonderful

  8. Kessel Marc | 31st Mar 16

    Hi Maria, lots of changes ! 🙂
    I had a lot of work with my exams, reason why I was not there the last months. (but I followed you on instagram :))
    I really appreciate the new blog/site, the overview is extremely nice. You have also posted a lot of new topics, have to take my afternoon to read all those ;).
    The pure touch is a perfect pantyhose, I saw when you were wearing it on instagram, and the first thing I thought: awesome ! Keep continuing to wear those tights ! 🙂

    My favourite tights were always the “neon” model, but now, the pure touch is on the same level as the neon 🙂

    Have a nice thursday


    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 13th Apr 16

      Hello Marc! It is so good to see you back!

  9. Jimmy | 16th Apr 16

    Wolford has great pantyhose, I haven’t tried the Pure 50 but I just received in the mail today, the Satin Touch 20. Definitely smooth and fit like a glove. Wolford costs more money but when I suggest when you have a few extra dollars, take a step up and enjoy a pair!

  10. legambedelledonne | 11th May 16

    The “Bardot Pose”!!! Very well done guys!

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