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Hello guys! I am happy to present you new 15 Eterno by Cecilia de Rafael, it is presale model so the final product may change. Super silky, shiny and brilliant – it is all about them. They are a version of Platino Clean Cut which are no more for sale. I have received Eterno 15  to test them and share with you my own opinion. In the set I am wearing Dore color. When you choose Eterno 15 you should take one size bigger you wear because they don’t have much lycra and don’t stretch a lot. Perfect Eterno 15 have to be like pants/leggings you wear. These tights make a trick, when there is no sun, they don’t reflect any shine as in the second picture. Anyway, they are really special for their brilliance and I like them. You can style them in many different ways: with cocktail dresses, pencil skirts or shorts like I did. These shine give amazing effect and for sure make you look great.

Have a nice Saturday!


TIGHTS: Eterno 15 by Cecilia de Rafael
SHOES: Donna Carolina
SHORTS: NewYorker


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  1. fernando luis toncich | 21st May 16

    Hi Mary! It is good to turn to see a look of spring. Very good the eternal 15 and no one like you to wear them! Have a beautiful Saturday! Kisses for you!

  2. Ribbedtights | 23rd May 16

    Great pictures … great tights! I see what you mean about the sun playing tricks. Without the sun, it barely looks like your wear tights at all (we’d have to look VERY carefully), but in the sun these amazing tights shine and glow – like a heavenly celestial body – beautiful effect.

    I have noticed lately that as the temperature warms up, more and more women are starting to show their legs. But, I suspect their legs are ‘lacking colour’ and it’s still a little cool at times, so they are also wearing sheer tights in a subtle colour. Some shine beautifully in the sun, but nothing like the CdRs you are wearing!

    Thank you for these pictures.

  3. Kessel Marc | 28th May 16

    Hi Maria, hope you are doing well :).

    The difference between sun/without sun is incredible 😮 !! I’ve never seen such a big difference. Without sun it looks like you aren’t wearing a pantyhose, but as soon as the sun comes out, it’s completely different :).

    You are showing us also that it’s still possible to wear a pantyhose with shorts and sneakers, a lot of women can’t wear tights with that kind of closes like you :)!

    Have a nice day

  4. randall pierce | 9th Jun 16

    they also have the Eterno 20 also haven’t been able to buy a pair yet to try for myself.

  5. Stan | 15th Jun 16

    Pantyhose are always lovely with short jeans

  6. Richard | 1st Jul 16

    Very nice

  7. randy | 26th Nov 17

    Love these have 5 different colors am about to buy the CDR Eterno 20 Super Lucido and try them out they look great so very soon will get them. Looking forward to getting a pair then add more.

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