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Hello guys! I know you have been waiting for this post and I am looking forward for your own feedback in the comments if you have these tights. Eterno15 by Cecilia de Rafael – new summer tights. When I opened tha package, I thought  they are very much like Platino Clean Cut but when I put them on I thought they were much better. Quality is beyond words: light, silky, durable and extremely shiny. What can be better for summer tights? In this post I am wearing Eterno 15 in NATURAL color. Although this color looks more like bronze in this post, I got some tan and it might seem they look like bronze. Some time ago I was posting about these tights in Dore color here and my legs were white that I am not fond of. There is nothing better than brown silky legs and I am happy I can wear now natural color. When the tan will start to fade away I can change to bronze. For my outfit I chose my favourite summer shoes – Rockstud by Valentino, shirt by NewYorker and skirt from H&M which made the whole look casual with a bit of romantic. Hopefully you like this post and share your own opinions.

Enjoy summer!

Maria xo



TIGHTS: Eterno 15

SHOES: Valentino Rockstud

SHIRT: NewYorker


SUNGLASSES: Dior Mohotani

sobre ETERNO



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  1. Paul | 8th Aug 16

    Hello Maria,
    Thanks for sharing this first review of the Web about CDR Eterno.
    They look very beautiful on your legs under this low sunshine !!!
    Do you plan to make a video with them ? It could be interesting to see them on a video.
    Thanks again

  2. Antonio | 9th Aug 16

    Maria your outfits is perfect and good taste.A request : could you wear pantyhose from 8 den not brilliant in the next set? thanks

  3. Ribbedtights | 9th Aug 16

    These tights are almost invisible … and then in the right light, that extra shine makes you think ‘maybe she is wearing tights??’ Perfect for summer!

    Also, great outfit. The shoes are a bit scary (in the nice way) with all the metal studs, but over all, amazing (how do you keep looking so amazing?).

    A question for you related to Eterno15 by Cecilia de Rafael and Platino Clean Cut (if I may?) … many years ago, Wolford made some tights called “Wolford Logic” (10-15-20 denier, I think?). As you wear Wolford, do you know about these tights? They were very much like Eterno15 and Platino Clean Cut because they were completely sheer from hip to toe … even the waistband was almost non-existent. I was just wandering if you could give us a comparison?

    Thank you again for your great post.

  4. Sandy | 9th Aug 16

    Great pics but where are the feet 🙂 ?

  5. Luc | 9th Aug 16

    Seems to be the most glossy pantyhose.Did you noticed how durable and hole resistant they are as they seem to be so delicate and easy to demage?

  6. Gerald Springs | 26th Nov 16


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