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To support Ferrari team in Formula 1 in May I put on red Ferrari dress, which Mikko bought for me when we were in Formula 1  races in Monza in Italy 2 years ago. You might have have seen this dress already in several posts in the blog. I love this dress  – casual, sporty and very comfortable to wear. When I went through some of my summer dresses.. oh my I noticed that they became tighter – hips and belly have grown! Luckily this dress is still ok and hopefully it will be still ok on our summer vacation in August. We have planned a road trip to…. I will tell you later. Though I have mentioned it once in instagram in comments.

Anyway, I hope I will manage well in our vacation. It will be some kind of our summer vacation – wedding anniversary trip and babymoon! I have got known about ‘babymoon’ term couple years ago – it is vacation for couple before having a baby. So here we go! I am so excited about it and let’s see if this dress will fit then or not but I will definitely will put some maternity tights to give support for baby and myself<3

In this post I am wearing Sevilla tights by Cecilia de Rafael. Sevilla are pretty shiny but as it was cloudy that day they looked like mat tights.

Have a great weekend!

xo xo Maria


TIGHTS: Sevilla by CdR
DRESS: Ferrari
PURSE: Coccinelle

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  1. ribbedtights | 30th Jun 17

    WOW!! You are correct, this red dress is awesome! I remember seeing it in a previous post, where you wore it with opaque black tights. I thought the combination of red and opaque black was the best, but here (where your tights are almost invisible) the dress still looks amazing. What a versatile dress!

    I assume that this set was taken a few weeks ago, because your baby-bump is not showing!? I hope that the dress still fits as you start to grow more (and if it does still fit, will you share some pictures with us please?).

    I hope you all have a fantastic holiday in August (I’d never hear of “babymoon”, but it’s kind of cute and makes sense!!). I’m so happy to hear that you will be wearing maternity tights. I’d love to know what you think of maternity tights compared to ‘normal’ tights. Again, I hope you share some of these future pictures with us (please??).

    Take care and thank you.

    • | 1st Jul 17

      We will for sure make some reviews/comparison with maternity tights in the future 🙂

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