Velvet 66 support tights review

New innovation from Wolford and a must-have this autumn-winter – Velvet 66 support tights!


Velvet 66 support tights
Fine Merino dress

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  1. Ribbedtights | 19th Oct 16

    Wow! These Velvet 66 tights look really opaque, really soft and really comfortable. Some opaque tights can be either too big (so they wrinkle around knees and ankles and provide no support) or are too small (and stretch at bigger parts of your leg and so do not look very uniform).

    As expected, Wolford have made – what looks like – the perfect opaque tights. Thank you for the review.

    • | 14th Nov 16

      They are the best! I wear them all the time! Thank you for another nice comment!

  2. JJ106K | 20th Oct 16

    Great clip Maria!

    • | 14th Nov 16

      Thank you! Glad to see you hear again!

  3. KB | 23rd Oct 16

    Nice, good review

    • | 14th Nov 16

      Thank you so much!

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