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Hello guys! Hope you are all ready for winter because it is getting so freezingly cold. For these cold days there is nothing better than to go with the most comfortable tights. For me comfort is the most important and I can tell that the most coziest and purest tights are from fine materials. Although they are not always very affordable I believe you save more than waste your money when you buy these tights. When you buy the clothing which is made of cotton, viscose, wool or modal, you can wear it much longer and enjoy. The MaxMara tights from Uktights are a great example: 66% of modal material, they feel so soft and keep you warm. What can be better! You can notice I have a red nose in the pictures but warm legs -:))


TIGHTS: MaxMara from UKtights

BOTS: NR Rapisardi

BAG: Coccinelle

SHAWL: Pavlo-posadskiye platki


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  1. Ribbedtights | 8th Nov 16

    Just in the last few days, there has been very cold weather coming down across Europe, so these tights would be perfect. And these tights look beautiful and cosy and I love the natural (modal) wool fibre – the slightly uneven thread. Natural fibre clothes (be it in tights, sweaters, tops, skirts etc) always look cosy, and these look amazing.

    Great pictures … just a shame about the red nose! Now go inside a coffee sop and have a nice hot chocolate!

    • | 14th Nov 16

      Thank you Ribbed tights! It is true, natural material is more comfortable an long lasting! Red nose…ha-ha! Sorry! next ime more powder on))) xo Maria

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