Item M6 tights review




1. Beauty tights

2. Cozy winter tights


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  1. Ribbedtights | 6th Mar 17

    Great review (nice to see you wearing tights … in motion). From an initial look, and from the outside, both these tights “just” look like ordinary black tights. But the more carefully we look, the more we realise that these tights are pretty special. Their quality shines through.

    The Tights Beauty look amazing. They are beautifully opaque and look like they really fit well, holding and hugging in all the right places.

    The Cosy Winter Tights look just as they are called … really cosy, really warm and again, really comfortable.

    They are expensive, so I might have to save up to buy them, but in the mean time, I can admire you wearing them. By the way, you look super cute and super elegant wearing these tights.

    Thank you for introducing us to Item m6.

  2. Hans | 6th Aug 17

    I love the association between cozy and tights… haven’t had the chance that often to feel a girl’s feet in tights but cozy was exactly what it felt like. I guess that for the girl it must feel the same to wear them 🙂

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