Another gorgeous Uppsala

Hi, it is Sunday! We have made a bunch of new pictures from spring/summer days. Although before posting them I wanted to share with you this post of my favorite Uppsala by Cecilia de Rafael with one more color in Upssala collection – Melanzana, which means eggplant in Spanish. Does it look like eggplant? Anyway this melanzana – violet color looks amazing. While we were walking, it was sunny then suddenly started raining and then hailing and in 10 minutes again sunny! Be well prepared for Scandinavian weather, it will always be changing and fun!


Enjoy the rest of the weekend <3



TIGHTS: Uppsala by Cecilia de Rafael
COAT: Mixx sixty
SCARF: Accesorize

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  1. randall pierce | 11th Jun 17

    Very nice love the look in fact I myself have the same one’s that I wear. These tights are more than fantastic in my opinion and I have 5 bother colors.

  2. ribbedtights | 12th Jun 17

    Wow!! Sunday evening became very special … thank you. And even better, I get another look on Monday morning!

    Uppsala are just amazing, especially when seen on beautiful legs in sunlight! They almost glow! Even in the hail storm, they look amazing … thank you for standing in the cold for us! Is this the final colour in you Uppsala collection (I don’t remember which ones you have shown us already).

    I’m glad to see the summer coming to Finland, but also a little sad because you won’t need to wear tights so often! C’est la vie!

    Looking forward to see your new pictures soon.

  3. Toe Girl | 19th Jun 17

    Totsally love these pantyhose tights. Very special.

  4. coinman | 26th Jun 17

    The Uppsala are by far my most favorite tights available.

  5. randall pierce | 27th Jun 17

    Uppsala tights are fantastic in all aspects best tights I have ever owned. Always nice to add color and these tights come in many colors.

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