Cashmere winter

Some of these pictures you have seen in the previous post. In this post you will see more and I will tell you about my winter style. In collaboration with UKtights I have received these Fogal cotton cashmere tights. They are so warm and cozy, absolute must-have for cold winter days<3 Even not so cold to sit in the snow with my kid, ha-ha)) The mix of cotton and cashmere give these tights perfection, and Fogal is one of the brands I trust.
This winter I decided to be more in grey, my hat and scarf are from Zalando and grey dress is from GAP, go perfectly with Vagabond winter ankle boots and cashmere tights. It is super comfortable and for me this is a priority.

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  1. Chris | 20th Feb 19

    Nice review

  2. Fernando Luis Toncich | 20th Feb 19

    Perfect! Always beautiful!

    • | 20th Feb 19

      Thank you so much <3

  3. Randall Pierce | 20th Feb 19

    Those tights look great bet they are cozy on cold days. Never tried these before even as winter is ending could still get to wear them then is always next year.

  4. ribbedtights | 21st Feb 19

    Beautiful cosy tights … the wool-cashmere must feel awesome! Is it still snowy in Finland?

    • | 22nd Feb 19

      Thank you<3 Spring is here<3

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